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"I increasingly have the sense that I am being watched. No doubt due to the careless revelation of our true identities in the moronic interview given by B. G. What a feeble-minded fool!"
Victor de Prasi, mentioning Grimany in a letter to Paul Teragon.[src]

Bertrand Grimany was a Frenchman living in Paris during the French Revolution, and a distant descendant of Philippe de Marigny. A loyal Archbishop of the French King, Phillipe was put in charge of the trial of the Knights Templar and interrogated the Grand Master Jacques de Molay after 1310.

Sometime during the Revolution, Bertrand revealed his secret heritage to a Parisian newspaper, who published an article on Grimany and the role his ancestor played in de Molay's imprisonment. Shortly after the article was published, Grimany was attacked and killed in his home by Anne de Molay, one of the Grand Master's descendants.

The Assassin Arno Dorian happened upon the scene of the crime while investigating the murder of Paul Teragon, a descendant of Inquisitor Guillaume de Nogaret. After inspecting Grimany's home, Arno used the evidence to track down Anne de Molay and solve the double murder.


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