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Ruddock (unknown – 1794) was a former member of the British Brotherhood of Assassins. Excommunicated due to his gambling and drinking habits, he worked as a contract killer in order to pay off his debts, while attempting to find a way back into the Brotherhood.


Assassination attempt

In 1775, Ruddock accepted a task of eliminating Julie de la Serre, a noted member of the Parisian Rite of the Templar Order and wife of Grand Master François de la Serre. Ruddock believed that assassinating her would see him reinstated into the ranks of the Assassin Order. Paired with another killer, Ruddock attacked Julie while she and her daughter were coming back from shopping, after their carriage and coachman went missing. The two men cornered the Templar and Élise in a back street, but Julie managed to drive Ruddock away and kill his accomplice in the process.

Following the attack, François de la Serre summoned his advisors, who accused the Assassins and called for retaliation. However, Julie had her doubts about the Brotherhood's involvement, and lied about the fact that the surviving assailant used a Hidden Blade. Her suspicions were brought on by Ruddock's attitude during the attack, as well as the bag he abandoned during his escape, which was of British make. Suspecting involvement of the Carroll family, Julie asked her friend and confidant, the member of the British Rite, Frederick Weatherall, to investigate the suspected British Assassin and his contacts.

Due to Ruddock's failed assassination attempt, Élise learned of her status among the Templars two years prior to when it was originally planned. Over the years, she concluded those who had hired Ruddock were the advisors of her father, whose ideals were opposed by Julie. However, in reality Ruddock did accept the contract on behalf of the British Templar family, the Carrolls. The assassination plot was meant to serve their own goal of eliminating the person advising moderation and gradual change from the monarchy in France, and unknowingly to them, would have also aided an extremist faction forming within the Parisian Rite, led by François-Thomas Germain.

Meeting Élise

Ruddock was eventually visited by Élise, who tracked him down in order to deliver a warning. The Carrolls intended to double-cross him during a visit to the tavern he was staying at, and kill him to eliminate the loose ends. However, Élise was unaware of the prior arrangement between Ruddock and the Carrolls, thinking they were after him due to her investigation.

Élise spoke with Ruddock until the Carrolls arrived, initiating a stand-off. She managed to escape with only minor injuries, after killing May Carroll in a surprise attack. Élise pushed Ruddock out of a window onto the tavern's roof, as May's mother attemped to shoot Élise. However, her pocket pistol backfired and grievously wounded her face in the process. Élise and Ruddock escaped and parted ways, only to meet years later, when Élise saved him from a death by hanging for his exploitation of a village community.

Final betrayal

Following Élise's death at the hands of François-Thomas Germain, Ruddock once again attempted to reclaim his position within the Assassin Order, by delivering Haytham Kenway's correspondence with his half-sister Jennifer Scott, which was obtained by Élise during her visit to Queen Anne's Square in London, Haytham's childhood residence. Ruddock's plan was flawed, however, despite the fact that Élise instructed her lover and former Assassin Arno Dorian to hand over Haytham's letters to Ruddock, he was to be tested before receiving them. If Ruddock failed, Arno was given leave to keep the correspondence, along with the rest of the items in Élise's trunk, which was entrusted to Arno after her passing.

Ruddock displayed his greedy and selfish personality, taking Hélène, Élise's trusted handmaiden, Frederick Weatherall and Arno himself hostage at the Maison Royale de Saint-Louis, in an attempt to extort the letters. However, Frederick claimed that Ruddock was acting on the orders of the Carrolls, and lied about freeing Hélène, as she was present alongside Élise at the Carroll residence, and would be killed out spite for the death of May Carroll years ago. With his allegiance exposed, Ruddock attempted to kill Hélène, but was stopped by Weatherall, who managed to kill him by throwing Élise's sword at him.


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