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"In these old wolds, I used to lie down and pray that the leaves would cover me. That I could drag them over me like a blanket... And join Cernunnos... in a bed of leaves. Tuck me in, stranger. With a song."
―Beorhtsige's final moments, 870s.[src]-[m]

Beorhtsige (died 870s), also known as Joy-Canker, was a Zealot of the Order of the Ancients who operated in England during the 9th century.


Nothing is known about Beorhtsige's early life. A strong and hefty man, Beorhtsige was very prideful of his career and especially his red beard, which he claimed was dyed with the blood from his kills. Filled with such happiness in his line of work, Beorhtsige was noticed by the Order and thus he was inducted into the Zealots. Within the Order, Beorhtsige became a loyal and strong friend to the Order member, The Vellum.[1]

In his rounds, Beorhtsige patrolled the area along the roads throughout Glowecestrescire. It was during one such patrol that Beorhtsige was located and fatally beaten by the Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan, an ally of the Hidden Ones. After Beorhtsige's death, Eivor found a clue, which gave the cryptonym of The Vellum. Beorhtsige's clue led Eivor to investigate the fort in Thieves' Warren, in Glowecestrescire.[2]


  • Like other Zealots, Beorhtsige had unique fighting strategies and items in his weaponry. Upon Eivor's instigation, Beorhtsige wielded a long spear, utilized flash grenades, and defended himself with proximity incendiary devices.
  • Ironically, his build up close is of a general build and not of a build like fellow Zealots Horsa or Hrothgar.
  • For The Vellum, Beorhtsige's clue is the same one Eivor received if she assassinated The Baldric.

Behind the scenes

Despite Beorhtsige being stated as of Norse origin, his name is actually derived from the Old English elements beorht meaning "bright" and sige meaning "victory".




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