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Benvenuto was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


After arriving in Venice by boat from Romagna, Ezio and Leonardo da Vinci took a quick tour of Venice, led by a local, Alvise da Vilandino.


Benvenuto 5

Alvise leading Ezio and Leonardo

Ezio and Leonardo arrived in Venice, where they were met by Alvise da Vilandino.

  • Alvise: Messer da Vinci?
  • Leonardo: Yes?
  • Alvise: Buongiorno e ben arrivato! I am Alvise. Il Signor Dona has asked that I escort you to the workshop. Are you ready?

Ezio and Leonardo followed Alvise through Venice.

  • Alvise: Ah, Venezia! What other place is as beautiful, as stable, as perfect? Come, I will show you her wonders!
    Our first stop, the Rialto bridge! Behold the elegance with which she spans the Grand Canal; a symbol of Venetian unity and pride! Let us continue.
    Here we are: San Giacomo di Rialto. Oldest church in Venezia. Isn't she beautiful? And her clock tower? Magnifico!

    Come, come! There's more to see!
    No other city can match the size of Venezia's markets. Be it spices or silk, from near and far, there is... there is...

The trio saw a group of guards walking towards a merchant at a fish stand.

  • Guard: You were told to stay home!
  • Merchant: But the rent is paid! I have every right to sell here!
  • Guard: Emilio disagrees!

The guards proceeded to destroy the merchant's fish stand.

  • Merchant: No, stop! Stop!
  • Alvise: Let us continue the tour... elsewhere.
Benvenuto 9

Ezio watching the merchant's stand being destroyed

The three continued the tour, and soon arrived at another shop. There, Leonardo saw a wooden mannequin on display and picked it up.

  • Leonardo: Look! Isn't it amazing? Would you mind buying it for me? I... uh... I left my money with my bags.

A group of thieves ran by, one of which nudged Ezio on the way past.

  • Ezio: Hey! Mind your step, coglione (jerk)!

After Ezio checked he still had his money pouch, Leonardo returned the figurine and they continued until they arrived at the Palazzo della Seta.

  • Alvise: And here we have the Palazzo della Seta, home to Emilio Barbarigo. Normally, I'd suggest a closer look, but... with the way things are now...
  • Ezio: Why? What's happened?
  • Alvise: He is attempting to unify the merchants beneath a single banner. There's been resistance, some of it violent.
  • Ezio: What kind of resistance?
  • Alvise: They say they're fighting for the people; for freedom or some such nonsense. Baggianate (Nonsense), if you ask me.
Benvenuto 13

Ezio with Alvise and Leonardo viewing the Palazzo della Seta

The merchant walked up to the entrance of the Palazzo and spoke with the guards.

  • Merchant: They destroyed my stand. I demand compensation!
  • Guard 1: Here you are, then.

The guard assaulted the merchant with the back end of his spear.

  • Merchant: The Doge will know about this! I'll report you to the Council!
  • Guard 2: Good luck with that, my friend.

Two guards grabbed the merchant.

  • Merchant: What are you doing?!
  • Guard 3: You're under arrest for disrupting commerce.
  • Merchant: What?! You just invented that! There's no such law!
  • Guard 3: There is now.
  • Merchant: No! Stop!

The guards carried the merchant away. Ezio, Leonardo and Alvise continued to the workshop.

  • Alvise: And now, I present to you, your workshop, Ser da Vinci! We spared no expense in its design! You'll see it is perfect; as if you never left Firenze! I wish you great success and hope you enjoy Venezia as much as she enjoys having you.
Benvenuto 18

Ezio and Leonardo outside the new workshop

Alvise held out his hand for a tip, but only received a pat on the shoulder from Leonardo. He walked away disappointed.

  • Leonardo: So, here we are! Exciting, isn't it? Care to come in?
  • Ezio: Maybe later. I need to visit the Palazzo della Seta; try and gain an audience with Emilio.
  • Leonardo: As you wish, but should you find yourself with free time or another Codex page, don't hesitate to visit. My door is always open.
  • Ezio: Grazie (Thank you), my friend.

Ezio hugged Leonardo.

  • Leonardo: Di nulla. (It's nothing.)


Ezio and Leonardo arrived in Venice, with Leonardo establishing himself in his workshop, while Ezio noticed the disruption in the streets and sought to act upon it.



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