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AC Origins Bent Pyramid

The Bent Pyramid of Sneferu as seen from the north east

The Bent Pyramid, formally Sneferu Shining in the South, is an ancient Egyptian pyramid built during the reign of Sneferu, Pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty, around 2600 BCE and located in Giza.


A product of early attempts by the Egyptians to perfect pyramid construction, the awkward looking monument is so-called because of its sudden shift in degree of inclination from 54 degrees to 43 degrees partway up to its apex. The surrounding complex of the Bent Pyramid includes a ruined satellite pyramid at its south west corner, the remains of a mortuary temple along its eastern face and a dilapidated stone causeway that leads down to the bank of the Nile.[1]


In 48 BCE, some two millennia and a half after the pyramid's construction, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa hunted Rudjek, a member of the Order of the Ancients known as "the Heron", to the Bent Pyramid where he slew him and knocked his bodyguard Hypatos unconscious.[2] Sometime later, Rudjek's mistress, Suphia, discovered Rudjek's body and buried him within the pyramid's sarcophagus. She later appropriated the shrine of Anubis within the pyramid to become a shrine in memory of her beloved.[3]

Some months later, Bayek returned to the pyramid, having been sent by Nefertari, the chief healer of Nitria, to restore the shrines of Anubis around the natron mine. Discovering that the main entrance had been blocked off, Bayek was able to navigate his way through an alternate opening and remove the blockade. As he entered the chamber, he found the shrine, and realized it had been redevoted to honor Rudjek instead. Expressing his disgust, Bayek investigated the site to find out the one responsible for the shrine.[4]


  • In reality, the Bent Pyramid, along with the Red Pyramid, are located at a site called Dahshur.
  • By the 21st century, the Bent Pyramid is the only pyramid in Egypt to retain most of its polished outer casing of fine white limestone.




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