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Benjamin Clarke is an American Abstergo White Hat, an ethical hacker searching for network vulnerabilities to improve security, in London. He was Anaya Chodary's replacement.


Benjamin obtained a undergraduate and master's degree in mathematics at MIT in the span of four years. In 2014, Benjamin started working for Abstergo.[1]

In October 2016, Benjamin was announced as the replacement for Anaya only one day after she had gotten her new job posting.[2] The next day, Ben and Anaya met for lunch at the Abstergo restaurant Tempest in a Teapot, and she introduced him to his new coworkers, Andrew and Max. Andrew revealed to Ben, Anaya's nickname of "Ny" which she held in disdain.[1] Anaya, upon seeing her former lover Simon Hathaway who was waiting around for someone, invited him to join them. After Doctor Victoria Bibeau joined them too, Anaya discreetly probed the Canadian for information pertaining to a secret meeting with Abstergo CEO Alan Rikkin. Though the Canadian remained tight-lipped.[3]

Personality and characteristics

Benjamin is a chipper and polite person, although deemed nervous by his sweaty handshakes. He is of average height and has straight brown hair. According to Anaya his American accent is somewhat endearing, and he was noted to being baby-faced. Benjamin is also a punctual person, arriving more than fifteen minutes early to first meet Anaya.[1] Benjamin was also perceived as being overly friendly as he uses Anaya nickname immediately after learning it.[3]


Benjamin is prolific in mathematics and computer language. He graduated as Salutatorian from MIT. His knowledge of interpersonal interactions was somewhat lacking, with him not knowing whether it was proper to refer to his coworkers by their first name or not.[1]


  • Benjamin is derived from the Hebrew name Binyamin (בִּנְיָמִין) meaning "son of the south" or "son of the right hand", from the roots ben (בֵּן) meaning "son" and yamin (יָמִין) meaning "right hand, south". Clarke is an Anglo-Irish surname which means "clerk".



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