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Benjamin Church was an altered representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


First dialogue

  • Connor: Where is Benjamin Church?
  • Haytham: So you want to see the man dead. Good. That makes two of us.
  • Connor: I don't need him to die. I just want back what he stole from the Continental Army.
  • Haytham: Oh, you Assassins ... always pretending to loathe the act of taking a life. Just accept that it is not exactly the worst part of the job. Either that or consider changing your name...
  • Connor: Why do you want Church dead?
  • Haytham: The good doctor has gone and ran back to the British, I'm afraid. Abandoning his compatriots and the role he was to play here. Foolish man.
  • Connor: A role in your new world order?
  • Haytham: We can discuss politics later, if you manage to live long enough. Now, would you mind giving me a hand? This will go much quicker with both of us.
  • Connor: Why should I help you?
  • Haytham: You clearly want the supplies he's stolen. I want him punished. Our interests are aligned.
  • Connor: What about after we deal with Church? Will I just be waiting for your knife in my back?
  • Haytham: Who can say? Perhaps I'll have talked some sense into you by then. Come along.


  • Benjamin: Not this time, I'm afraid.
  • Connor: Just give me the supplies you stole, and I won't kill you!
  • Benjamin: Why I should I be afraid of you after this failure?
  • Connor: Next time will be different.
  • Benjamin: They all say that.


  • Connor: Where are the supplies you stole?
  • Benjamin: Why do you care? You have no claim to them.
  • Connor: I do not want them for myself. They were stolen from the Continental Army.
  • Benjamin: Where they, now? These muskets and medical supplies are of British manufactures. I doubt they were intended to be used against the British.
  • Connor: If that is true, then the British have no greater claim to the Colonies than the Iroquois.
  • Benjamin: And neither do your so-called Patriots.
  • Connor: I believe the Colonists and the Iroquois can live together in peace.
  • Benjamin: Then you are a naive fool. One I'll not waste any more breath on.


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