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Beneseck of Bath (died 870s), also known as The Bell, was a member of the Wardens of Faith sect of the Order of the Ancients in England during the 9th century. Holding the title of Palatinus, Beneseck oversaw and was in charge of the graveyard at Brimclif Monastery.


In his youth, Beneseck was noticed and brought in as an apprentice by The Rake. His murderous tendencies were apparent, but to be part of the Order, Beneseck's will had to break. The Rake's tactic was to torment Beneseck, throughout every day, with the loud, mind-numbing sound of a bell. This treatment became a instigator to release Beneseck's primal killer instincts. Beneseck became skilled with aiding the Order's need for silver by befriending donors of his monastery and masquerading as a man of true charity. In reality, Beneseck tracked them, visited them, killed them, burglarized them, and then hid their corpses in the very graveyard he oversaw.[1]

The title, The Bell, was uncovered by the Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan from a clue. The clue led one to search the chain blockade along Ember River, in northeast Suthsexe. Breaking into a locked building along the blockade, a note was set on top of a table. The note revealed the location and true identity of The Bell: Beneseck of Bath. Beneseck was revealed to be at the graveyard in Brimclif Monastery in southern Suthsexe. Coinciding with a raid, Beneseck, unaware, was tending to his graveyard during the assault. Beneseck was soon assassinated by Eivor and thus ended his influence over Suthsexe.[1]


  • The first clue of this Order member can be found by either assassinating the The Billhook or killing the Zealot Bercthun.
  • Like the relationship between The Crozier and two other Wardens of Wealth members, The Billhook and its Maegester, The Lyre, Beneseck and his Maegester, The Rake, had a mentoring relationship as well. However, The Rake preferred a more abusive approach when compared to The Crozier.

Behind the scenes

The name Beneseck is a variation of the name Benesek, which is an old Cornish form of Benedict. Given Beneseck's home of Bath is near the county of Cornwall, it suggest that he may be of Cornish ethnicity.