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"Chaos is our greatest strength."

Belos the Beast of Sparta (died 420s BCE) was a Spartan champion in the Arena of Pephka and a member of the Heroes of the Cult branch of the Cult of Kosmos during the Peloponnesian War.


"Belos. The Beast of Sparta. Devours his enemies. They call him death."
―A monument in Pephka Arena describing Belos, 420s BCE.[src]

Who Belos was before he announced himself to be the "Beast of Sparta" is long forgotten. All that is known about him is that the Arena was his home, where he trained and killed in the name of Kosmos.[1]

Though Belos did not participate in the meeting held in 431 BCE at the Cult's shrine beneath the Sanctuary of Delphi in Phokis, he did send a message, announcing that he wished to face the "other child of the bloodline" and "taste the blood of a god". This message was retrieved by the misthios Kassandra as she infiltrated the shrine.[2]

The Sage of the Heroes of the Cult had heard Belos' announcement, or read his letter, too. In response, he sent a letter to Belos, telling that he'd send some of his "favorite warriors" to face Belos so that he might prove he'd earned his nickname, the "Beast".[3]

Belos eventually did get his wish when he faced Kassandra, the "other child of the bloodline", at the Arena. Unlike he had expected, Kassandra slew him.[3]




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