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Behind Closed Doors was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore continued his hunt for the Pazzi in San Gimignano. He met with one of Mario's mercenaries, who informed Ezio that Archbishop Francesco Salviati was holed up inside his villa. Ezio took command of his own group of mercenaries and mounted an assault on the villa.


Ezio arrived near Villa Salviati in search of the mercenary.

  • Mercenary: Over here, Ezio!
    We've found Archbishop Salvati! He's barricaded himself inside that villa...
    Take some of my men. Use them to clear the fields. Then find a way over the walls so you can open the gates.
  • Ezio: Hmmm... Command over my own army? A nice change of pace from the usual sneaking and stabbing. I like it.

Ezio instructed the mercenaries to distract the guards. He then climbed over the walls, Salviati noticed Ezio.

  • Salviati: I see you there, Assassin!
    These walls have stood for a hundred years and will stand for a hundred more!
    Stop wasting the lives of your men!
    Vattene! Vattene via!
    (Go away!)
    All that awaits you here is death! Turn back!
BCD v 3

Ezio fighting Salviati's guards

Ezio entered the villa and opened the gates for the mercenaries.

  • Salviati: Men prepare yourself, the Assassin has arrived!
  • Ezio: I need to find a way to open the gates...
  • Salviati: I warned you to stay away, Assassin! You should have listened!!
    You're finished, Assassin! Do you hear me?! Finished!
  • Ezio: You Templars, always singing the same song...
  • Salviati: Do you think a few mercenari (mercenaries) scare me? Hah!
  • Ezio: They should.
  • Salviati: Shall I send your remains to that ubriacone (drunkard), Mario? Hah! What's the point? There won't be anything left of you to recognize!
  • Ezio: It's quite a plan you have: Spouting nonsense while you send these other men to die.
  • Salviati: I am a reasonable man. What say you to this: turn back now and I'll call off my men.
  • Ezio: Sorry, friend. You are on my list. Your fate is sealed.
  • Salviati: Tear him limb from limb! Let us paint the walls with his blood!
BCD v 4

Ezio assassinating Francesco Salviati

  • Ezio: That is no way to treat a guest!
  • Salviati: What is this?! Guards! To me!

While in combat, Ezio succeeded in killing Salviati.

  • Ezio: Where is Jacopo?
  • Salviati: He knows you come for him... emerging only in darkness to meet with the others...
  • Ezio: That answers when... Now tell me where?

Salviati did not answer Ezio's question.

  • Ezio: La fede dovrebbe dare conforto, non pena.
    (Faith should bring comfort, not pain.)
    Requiescat in Pace.
    (Rest in peace.)


Ezio assassinated Francesco Salviati, and continued his search for the remaining conspirators.


  • Francesco is regarded as a Brute enemy, both because of the weapon he wields, and because of the lines Ezio uses if the player taunts him.



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