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Beatriz de Navarrete was an Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood of Assassins who hailed from Barcelona. As an individualistic girl who defied the prejudices of the Spanish elite, Beatriz joined the Brotherhood when she eloped with a Moorish Assassin lover, sacrificing her life as a privileged noblewoman.


A Spanish noblewoman from Barcelona born during the Renaissance, the young Beatriz de Navarrete had a lust for adventure. From her early teens, she defied societal norms by learning the arts of swordsmanship and hunting from her brothers, much to her parents' disapproval. Adding to their ire, she frequently sneaked out from their villa in the evenings to roam the streets of Barcelona and enjoy the city's nightlife. During those nights out, she befriended all manners of people, commoners, Moors, and Christians alike.[1]

On one such night of revels with her friends, she made the acquaintance of Sayyid al-Abbas, a Moorish Assassin also living in the city, and the two fell madly in love. Mortified by this, Beatriz's parents attempted to force her into an arranged marriage with a captain of the Spanish Army. Her parents warned her that if she did not comply and fully reform, she would be severed financially and disowned. Despite this, Beatriz did not surrender and instead eloped with her Assassin love to pursue a more kindred life with the Brotherhood.[1]

Personality and traits

Growing up in a conservative household did little to stymie the tide of individualism Beatriz de Navarrete expressed throughout her adolescence. Instead, as a noblewoman forced into the traditional feminine roles expected of her, Beatriz found her life vapid and constraining. Moreover, her parents' aversion to commoners and Moors failed to indoctrinate Beatriz, who, from the earliest age, independently nurtured a spirit of non-discrimination and respect for diversity.[1]

Eventually, her resistance to conformity manifested in rebellious night outs as a teenager, freely mingling with all manners of peoples as she wished. When her parents furiously objected to her love for a Moor, she remained unmoved from her convictions even in the face of being disowned. Instead, she stayed true to her individual ideals and her love, sacrificing her privileged life for the life of the Assassins whose liberalism were far more at home to her.[1]