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Beat a Cheat was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore saw his sister Claudia sitting all alone in the courtyard. After talking to her, Ezio learned that her boyfriend, Duccio de Luca, was cheating on her. Angered at the betrayal, Ezio sought Duccio out.


  • Ezio: Ehi Claudia. (Hey Claudia.) How are you?
  • Claudia: Bene... (Okay...)

Concerned for his sister, Ezio asked her what was troubling her.

  • Ezio: You shouldn't keep things from me.
  • Claudia: It's Duccio.
  • Ezio: What of him?
  • Claudia: I think he's been... unfaithful.
  • Ezio: Who told you this?
  • Claudia: The other girls. I thought they were my friends.
  • Ezio: Harpies! You're better off without them.
  • Claudia: I loved him.
  • Ezio: No, Claudia. You only thought you did.

Claudia's voice took on an angered tone.

  • Claudia: He should suffer for what he's done.
  • Ezio: Wait here. I'll go have a word with him.

Ezio found Duccio near the Santa Maria del Fiore with another woman, and witnessed him giving the woman a ring.

Cheat 2 v

Duccio's mistress marveling at her gift

  • Woman: Oh, Duccio! It's beautiful!
  • Duccio: Nothing but the best for you, amore mio. (my love)
  • Woman: But... what of Claudia? I thought you'd been promised to her?
  • Duccio: Father said I could do much better than an Auditore.

Duccio smacked her bottom.

  • Woman: Birbante! (Naughty!) Come, let us walk a bit.
  • Duccio: Walk? I had something else in mind...
  • Woman: Oh Duccio...

Duccio kissed her, before Ezio interrupted the two by shouting out towards Duccio.

  • Ezio: Ehi, lurido porco! (Hey, dirty pig!)
  • Duccio: Ezio, my friend!

Ezio punched Duccio in the jaw.

  • Duccio: Ma che ti piglia?! (What the hell?!)
  • Ezio: You insult my sister, parading around with this puttana. (whore)

The woman was taken aback by Ezio's insult.

  • Duccio: Wh-what are you talking about?!
  • Ezio: I saw the gift you gave her. Heard the things you said.
  • Duccio: Maybe your sister shouldn't be so stingy with her virtù... (virtue...)
Beat A Cheat 2

Ezio confronting Duccio

  • Ezio: You broke her heart.
  • Duccio: And now I'm going to break your face!

Ezio and Duccio started a fist fight on the streets.

  • Duccio: You Auditores all talk big - but when it comes time for action? Hah!
  • Ezio: You'll regret ever opening your mouth!
  • Duccio: I could have taught your sister a great many things!
    She's lucky to have had someone like me!
  • Ezio: Bastardo!

Ultimately, Duccio was no match for Ezio and surrendered.

  • Duccio: Basta! Mi arrendo! (Stop! I yield!)
  • Ezio: Stay away from my sister!


Ezio made sure that Duccio never spoke to his sister again, and could then deliver the scorn of the wives of the unfaithful.



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