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ACB Bearded Axe

A Bearded Axe from the Reinassance

A bearded axe is a type of axe that has been used since the 6th century, and it is commonly associated with the Vikings.


The lower portion of the axe bit extending the cutting edge below the width of the butt is referred to as the "hook" or "beard", and provides a wide cutting surface while keeping the overall weight of the axe low. Efficiently used in combat to pull a weapon or shield from an enemy's grip.[1]


Viking Age[]

Bearded axes were used by the Vikings in combat. Occasionally they were dual-wielded.[2]


By the time of the Renaissance a "Bearded Axe" was a heavy bladed two-handed battle axe.[3] This inaccurate description was also carried onto the Ottoman Empire.[4]

Weapon statistics[]

Anglo-Saxon England (9th century)[]

Name Class Max Attack Max Speed Max Impact Max CRIT-PRC Availability
Bear-Claw Raven Purchase the Berserker Pack
Bone-Biter Wolf Loot chest in Rygjafylke
Fyrd Axe Bear Loot chest in Foresti's Rest, Jorvik
Housecarl's Axe Wolf Loot chest in Utbech Camp, Grantebridgescire
Raider Axe Raven Default weapon
The Thunderer Wolf Purchase the Taranis Pack
Tusk Axe Bear Purchase the Premium Starter Pack
Varin's Axe Bear Complete Honor Bound

Italian Renaissance (16th century)[]

Name Damage Speed Deflect Cost Availability
Bearded Axe 2 3 4 7000ƒ Sequence 1

Ottoman Empire (16th century)[]

Name Damage Speed Deflect Cost Availability
Bearded Axe 2 3 4 8,050 Akce Sequence 2