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The Bear

The Bear (harvested from: Kuruk) was an Animi Avatar used by the entertainment branch of Abstergo Industries, as part of their plan to influence the general public, via the console stage of the Animus technology. His specialty weapon was a bone-crushing war club, of his own design and craft.

Unique moves

The Bear had several unique moves:

(Low Profile, Front)

Approaching his target slowly, the Bear grabs them by the neck and squeezes it roughly, immobilizing them and choking them at the same time. From there, he retrieves his war club from his waist and sweeps their legs out from underneath them, sending them collapsing to the floor. With his target defenseless, the Bear brutally slams his club down onto his victim's chest, shattering their ribcage and leaving them coughing up blood.

(Low Profile, Back)

Walking up behind his target, the Bear roughly shoves their shoulder as he begins to draw his war club. When they turn in response, before they can react, he forcefully slams his club into his victim's face, shattering their skull and killing them instantly.

(High Profile, Front)

Rushing to his target, the Bear kicks his foot into their stomach, winding them, before wielding his war club in both of his hands and smashing it upwards like a strike of a golf club. Driving his weapon into the face of his keeled over victim, his weapon breaks their skull as they are knocked upwards into the air. From there, the Bear secures his war club at his side before gravity returns his target to the floor, head first.

(High Profile, Back)

Running up to his target from behind, the Bear hits his war club into their right leg, unbalancing them, before spinning around them with his club to gain momentum. As they are left with one leg for support, the Bear fully turns himself around them and twists his mace to add rotational force, before swinging it into the side of his unfortunate victim's face. Crushing his target's skull and sending them flying to the side, they slump into a pile on the floor as they land, while the Bear replaces his weapon at his side.

(Aerial Kill)

Descending on his target from above, the Bear unsheathes his war club as he jumps. As he lands, he knocks them to the floor and slams his club into their chest, shattering their ribs and leaving them coughing up blood. Following this, the Bear stands tall and sheathes away his club, while his victim lays motionless on the ground.

(Bench Kill)

The Bear grabs his seated target's foot and drags them off the bench, until their head rests against it. Before his victim can do anything to defend themselves, the Bear forcefully kicks them in the face, violently sending their head backwards and breaking their neck on the bench behind them.


  • "I will crush you!"
  • "I bring death in my wake!"
  • "I will avenge my people!"
  • "Do not run from me!"
  • "Come dance with the devil!"
  • "You will suffer!"
  • "You will trouble me no more."
  • "You should fear the bear!"


The Bear could be customized in several ways:


  • Color 1: Scarlet red.
  • Color 2: Dark blue.
  • Color 3: Bright yellow.


  • White Costume
  • Dark Costume
  • Alternative Costume 1
  • Alternative Costume 2
  • Wild Bear Costume
  • Warrior Costume

In-depth customization:

  • Heads:
    • Head 1: Brawler Ornaments
    • Head 2: Warrior Ornaments
    • Head 3: Slaughterer Ornaments
  • Chests:
    • Chest 1: Brawler Gear
    • Chest 2: Warrior Gear
    • Chest 3: Slaughterer Gear
  • Accessories:
    • Accessory 1: Brawler Breechcloth
    • Accessory 2: Warrior Breechcloth
    • Accessory 3: Slaughterer Breechcloth
  • Legs:
    • Legs 1: Brawler Moccasins
    • Legs 2: Warrior Moccasins
    • Legs 3: Slaughterer Moccasins
  • Belts:
    • Belt 1: Brawler Belt
    • Belt 2: Warrior Belt
    • Belt 3: Slaughterer Belt
  • Scars:
    • Scar 1
    • Scar 2
    • Scar 3
  • War paint:
    • Primary war paints:
      • Primary War Paint 1
      • Primary War Paint 2
      • Primary War Paint 3
    • Secondary war paints:
      • Secondary War Paint 1
      • Secondary War Paint 2
      • Secondary War Paint 3


  • Hammers:
    • War Club
    • Quality War Club
    • Superior War Club
  • Axes:
    • Tribal Axe
    • Superior Tribal Axe
  • Spears:
    • Heavy Spear
    • Superior Heavy Spear

Secondary weapons:

  • Hidden Blade
  • Knife
  • Short Hook


  • The Bear shares his High Profile animations with the Count, and his third taunt animation with the Guardian.




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