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ACO Beached Trireme Camp

Beached Trireme Camp

The Beached Trireme Camp was a military camp located southwest of Soknopaiou Nesos by Lake Moeris.[1]


In 48 BCE, soldiers who served under Berenike, the Nomarch of Faiyum and a member of the Order of the Ancients, raided Hotephres' safehouse in Soknopaiou Nesos. Unable to find Hotephres, the soldiers captured his servant instead, bringing him to the camp and locking him in a cage. The Medjay Bayek of Siwa, having visited the raided safehouse, infiltrated the camp, where he eliminated the soldiers and freed the servant.[2]

Sometime thereafter, the camp was occupied by Derratos, a general who served under Ptolemy XIII. The rebel leader, Theodoros, raided the camp alongside his men and Bayek, who eliminated all of Derratos' soldiers. Upon capturing Derratos, Theodoros shoved a fig into his mouth and doused him with oil. When Derratos attempted to flee, he was shot in the back with a burning arrow by Theodoros, setting the general on fire and killing him.[3]



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