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Bayou Fever was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Aveline met with the houngan of San Danje, who told her to find several mushrooms to cure victims of the Bayou fever.


  • Houngan: Aveline. I had hoped you would return.
  • Aveline: What is the matter with these poor souls?
  • Houngan: It is an infection. They believe it is a curse, but in truth, only a medicine drawn from a rare fungi will save them.
  • Aveline: How can I help?
  • Houngan: The fungi is vexing to collect. Like the riddle says: "Dank or dangerous, high or low, where none tread, the fungi grows." And... of late, I lack agility if not daring.
  • Aveline: Say no more. I will find it for you.
  • Houngan: I know of a place you may find some. Please, hurry. You may need to cut more than once before you have enough.

Aveline quickly gathered three mushrooms, before returning to the houngan with them.

  • Houngan: Aveline! Just in time. Please, can you help me give them the medicine? I am afraid it may take a little... force. With the fever, they are not of the right mind.
  • Aveline: You are certain this will work? I am not in the habit of harming civilians.
  • Houngan: I am certain. And observe: under the fever's influence, they are hardly civil.

Aveline then subdued the agressive patients, allowing the houngan to treat them.

  • Houngan: Good. They will thank you... Later... One day. Please, there are many others who will need your help. If you can find more mushrooms, you will find no shortage of patients who need it.


Aveline assisted the houngan in treating victims of the Bayou fever. She was informed that other people in the Bayou were suffering from the disease as well.



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