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Bayek's Promise was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A chance encounter with an ancient and enigmatic circle of stones triggered memories from Bayek's past, and he decided to fulfill a promise made to his deceased son, Khemu.


While on a viewpoint above Camp Shetjeh in Siwa, Bayek spotted a stone circle in the desert.

  • Bayek: Ah. The stone circle. I brought Khemu here not so long ago.

Bayek traveled to the Amun stone circle.

  • Bayek: My son, you wanted the stars...

He had a flashback of a night in the desert with his son, with Khemu using rocks to build a map on the sand of the stone circles, the pyramids, the Sphinx.

  • Bayek: The stone circles show the gods' place in the sky. And your grandfather once told me they also show our place in the world.
  • Khemu: I'm going to find every stone circle. The Sphinx and the pyramids, too. And I'll find my place.

The flashback ended, and Bayek entered the stone circle.

  • Bayek: And you will have them.

Bayek visited the other stone circles located through Egypt, namely the Apis, the Divine Lion, the Goat Fish , The Great Twins, the Hathor, the Horus, the Osiris, the Pisces, The Scales, Serqet and the Taweret and aligned the constellations. At each location, he took a small stone from the circle with him.

  • Bayek: That's the last one. I can take all the shards back to Siwa now.

Bayek returned to the Amun stone circle in Siwa. He placed the shards taken from each stone circle, reminiscing about what Khemu had said.

  • Khemu: I'm going to find every stone circle. The Sphinx and the pyramids, too. And I'll find my place.

Bayek knelt at the map of rocks Khemu had made, and placed the shards on each stone circle's location on it.

  • Bayek: My son.
    Your name, Khemu, means Egypt. Like Egypt, you have forever changed.
    The stars are yours now, and your place is with them.


Bayek discovered every stone circles in Egypt and aligned them with the constellation in the sky, fulfilling his promise to his son.


  • The constellation diagrams used are not the traditional ones but rather the diagrams created by H. A. Rey.


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