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This article is about the memory. You may be looking for the battle itself.

Battle of the Chesapeake was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor discovered that Charles Lee was hiding in Fort George. To gain entrance, he needed ships to cause a distraction. By helping the Comte de Grasse in the Battle of the Chesapeake, he could gain his assistance.


  • Connor: The tides of war are turning. The Loyalists fall back beneath the advancing Patriot army, their hold on this land weakening by the day. But the Templars only seem to grow stronger. Though fewer in number, the threat they pose appears undiminished. Making matters worse, Washington chose to spare the life of Charles Lee. I am told he has taken refuge inside Fort George, and so my days are spent searching for a way to breach its walls. Of my father, there is no trace. And I am glad of it. If I can be rid of Lee, there may still be a chance for reconciliation - and through it, peace.
  • Diana: Connor? He's asking for you.

Connor went upstairs.

Connor trying to convince Achilles regarding Haytham

  • Achilles: Hello, Connor. Come now. Your sadness won't sustain me any more than that fool woman's soups and potions... Tell me of your latest exploits.
  • Connor: Charles Lee has been exposed and the Patriots finally rid of him. They march now to secure the remaining cities that this country might finally be free.
  • Achilles: Then you have won. The land and your people are safe. Yet you seem troubled...
  • Connor: Washington spared Lee's life.
  • Achilles: So long as he lives, all are in danger. The same is true for your father. When you first came to me, you understood what had to be done. Swore you'd see it through. If not for the Brotherhood, for your people - and all those threatened by the Templars.
  • Connor: But with Lee gone, my father might...
  • Achilles: Listen to me. You have not come this far to throw it all away over misplaced sentiment. Both men must die.
  • Connor: Ach... Achilles.
  • Achilles: There is nothing more to discuss.

Connor left the room.

  • Lafayette: Connor! I came as soon as I could.
  • Connor: Tell me you bring good news?
  • Lafayette: The Comte de Grasse said yes. You need only join his fleet in Chesapeake Bay and they will serve as required. But what exactly is it you intend?
  • Connor: It's better that I show you. Charles Lee may have been dismissed, but it does not mean we are safe.

Connor explaining his plan to infiltrate Fort George

  • Lafayette: But the Commander -
  • Connor: The Commander underestimates the threat and no more time can be wasted trying to convince him otherwise. I must do this on my own.
  • Lafayette: Do what, exactly?
  • Connor: Kill Charles Lee. He hides within Fort George, which is itself, surrounded by a militarized district. I cannot hope to infiltrate it directly - so I will go under instead.
  • Lafayette: Incroyable. (Incredible.)
  • Connor: The tunnels leading to the fort have been filled in. While I secure the Admiral's ships, I need you to clear them for me.
  • Lafayette: And the ships?
  • Connor: When signaled, they will bombard the fort.
  • Lafayette: Breaching its walls and creating a distraction. I see!
  • Connor: In the chaos, I will slip inside, find Charles Lee - and silence him forever.

Connor then went to the Aquila.

  • Connor: Ready the crew, Mister Faulkner. We sail for Chesapeake Bay.

Connor sailed to Chesapeake Bay and met Admiral de Grasse.

Connor explaining his plan to infiltrate Fort George

  • De Grasse: Lafayette promised me a fleet beyond compare, and a captain without peer! Instead I find myself greeted by one old ship and a boy in costume!
  • Connor: I promise we are all you need, Admiral.
  • De Grasse: I doubt this very much. But beggars do not choose, hmm?
  • Connor: And the ships I require?
  • De Grasse: They are yours... provided we survive this.
  • Connor: And what would you have me do?
  • De Grasse: Hold the bay while I engage the main fleet. Should any British ships dare approach, destroy them! They must be kept from Yorktown.

Connor engaged the British ships in combat.

  • Faulkner: Herod all handsaws! Hell has manifest upon the sea. How many do you reckon?
  • Connor: Too many.
  • Faulkner: If anyone can hold the line, 'tis us. I only hope the Admiral's quick to return.

One of the allied ships was sunk.

  • Faulkner: She's breaking up! We're down a ship. Take care...

The Loyalist reinforcements were destroyed, but the Saint-Esprit was destroyed as well.

Saint-Esprit destroyed

  • Faulkner: Ship lost! Escorts all sunk. We're on our own now, sir... My God... Where are our blasted reinforcements?
  • Connor: They will come. We must hold the bay until they do.
  • Faulkner: This is madness! You're alone and we're without reinforcements!

The Aquila was attacked.

  • Crew: We're under attack! Man-of-war's firing!
  • Faulkner: All our guns are down. We've no way to defend ourselves now! That beast is sure to sink us if we're not careful. He's not really planning to board them is he? Has he lost his mind? He's going to get us all killed...
  • Connor: The ship is yours, Mister Faulkner.

Connor boarded the enemy ship. He then killed the captain and destroyed the ship by firing on its gunpowder storage. He escaped by jumping back onto the Aquila.

  • Faulkner: You mad bastard.

Connor met with Admiral de Grasse again.

  • De Grasse: They say you took down the man-of-war all alone. Perhaps Lafayette did not exaggerate when he spoke of your abilities. As promised, my ships are yours to command. What do you require?
  • Connor: Five of them must enter New York's harbor, flying British flags.
  • De Grasse: Wait, wait. I thought you might need some pirates killed or goods transported... And instead you ask for us to, what, shell New York?
  • Connor: No. Of course not.
  • De Grasse: Ah...

Admiral de Grasse agreeing to help Connor

  • Connor: Only part of it.
  • De Grasse: Explain yourself.
  • Connor: I mean to infiltrate Fort George. But it is too well-guarded. Cannon fire will breach its walls and scatter its guards.
  • De Grasse: And a ship that flies the French flag could never get near it...
  • Connor: You understand, then?
  • De Grasse: Not at all. But a promise is a promise - even when made to a lunatique (lunatic).
  • Connor: I will light a signal fire when it is time for you to attack.
  • De Grasse: Vous l ávez entendu! Récupérez leurs drapeaux qu'on les accrocher. Allez! Vite! (You heard the man! Scavenge their flags that we might fly them. Quickly now!)


Connor assisted in the victory of the Battle of the Chesapeake, and managed to secure ships for his plan.



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