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This article is about the memory. You may be looking for the battle itself.

Battle of West Point was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor returned to West Point to confront Benedict Arnold with the evidence of his betrayal.


  • Benedict: Connor, finished already. I have some more -
  • Connor: Explain this.
  • Benedict: I don't know what 'this' is.
  • Connor: A letter, in your hand addressed to General Clinton of the British Army, confirming the surrender of West Point for the sum of twenty thousand pounds.
  • Benedict: This must be some sort of plot to expose the fort! I am a Patriot through and through, Connor! My actions at Saratoga speak to that, I'm sure.
  • Connor: For your sake I hope General Washington agrees. He will be arriving here today.
  • Soldier 1: Regulars! Regulars! We're under attack! The main gate! The main! Push them back!
  • Soldier 2: Arnold betrayed us! That turncoat bastard!
  • Connor: We secure the fort! Then we deal with Arnold!
ACIII-BA-Westpoint 2

Connor helping the continentals defend the fort

  • Soldier 2: Aye!

Connor and the soldiers fought the Redcoats to defend West Point. In the chaos, Benedict Arnold managed to escape.

  • Soldier: Keep running, ya lechers! Ha! We did it! Well done!
  • Washington: Connor.
  • Connor: Arnold was behind this but he escaped.
  • Washington: If you did not catch him, nobody could have. Westpoint is secure and Major André will hang for his crimes.
  • Connor: And Arnold?
  • Washington: We'll try to find him, though I have my doubts. Whom can we trust now, if Patriot heroes are betraying us...?
  • Connor: You reap what you sow.


West Point was secured, but the traitor Benedict Arnold managed to escape on the Vulture.