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The Battle of West Point was a skirmish between the Continental Army and the British Army for control over the Fort of West Point, New York, which took place during the American Revolutionary War in 1780. During the conflict, the Colonial Assassin Connor led the Patriots at West Point to victory against the Loyalist forces.


Arnold's betrayal[]

After being sent by General George Washington to assist the forces at West Point, Connor overheard the fort's commanding officer, Major General Benedict Arnold, discussing the terms of his defection to the British Army with his cohort, John André.

Concerned, Connor followed André as he attempted to relay Arnold's message to British General Henry Clinton, and managed to retrieve the correspondence while also revealing André as a British spy. Armed with the knowledge that Arnold intended to sell West Point to the British in exchange for coin and rank, Connor confronted the officer as the British mounted their attack.

The battle[]

As Connor pressed Arnold for answers, the British force breached the fort's exposed main gate and flooded into the complex, quickly gaining ground and threatening to take over the fort in spite of the resistance the Continentals offered.

Luckily for the Patriot force, however, Washington's army arrived shortly after the battle began and offered their support. Connor himself also joined the fight, inadvertently giving Arnold a chance to escape. As the battle wound down, Connor noticed the traitor's absence, but it was too late; Arnold had already boarded the Vulture and made his escape as Connor watched helplessly from the shore.


The battle ended in a victory for the Continental Army, and their position at West Point was secured. However, the traitor Benedict Arnold managed to escape from Connor and Washington, and was later given a position in the British Army. More troubling, however, was the fact that Arnold - one of the Patriots' finest heroes - had so readily joined the enemy, dealing a massive blow to Patriot morale.