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The Battle of Pylos was a military engagement during the Peloponnesian War between Sparta and Athens in 425 BCE, in Messenia.

The Cult of Kosmos was involved in the battle, sending Deimos to fight for the Athenians, while the misthios Kassandra fought for Sparta, at the request of Brasidas.[1]


Forced to land on Pylos following a storm, the Athenian general Demosthenes realized that the Spartan-held island could be used to Athens' advantage. However, his strategists did not believe him and fled, leaving him with five triremes and 1,000 men. The Spartans, preoccupied with a religious festival, did not see their enemy.[2]


When the Spartan's finally mustered their forces to attack Demosthenes' outpost from the sea and mainland, the Athenians defended themselves hastily. Demosthenes had his forces retreat to their boats and fixed the foot of the ramparts with stakes for extra coverage. He then descended with his hopelites onto the rocky shore, hoping that the Spartans would disembark there. True to his intuition, the Spartans followed him and attempted to land. Demosthene's forces made the Spartans hesitate momentarily. The Spartan officer Brasidas made the first move and deliberately smashed his vessel into the rocks in order to give his men somewhere to land. Soon afterwards the other Spartan leaders followed suite.[3]

During the battle Brasidas was seemingly killed by Deimos. Kassandra rushed to avenge her fallen comrade facing Deimos in combat. She tried to reason with him. Their conversation was cut short when a falling tree landed on Deimos, trapping him underneath. Kassandra then went to him, only to also be trapped under another falling tree.[1]


The battle ended with an Athenian victory. Brasidas survived his encounter with Deimos, only being injured. Kassandra was captured by the Cult and taken to Athens, where she continued to try and reason with Deimos.[1]




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