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The Battle of Philippi was the final battle in the Liberators' civil war following the Assassination of Julius Caesar, fought between the alliance of Mark Antony and Octavian, and Caesar's assassins, the Hidden Ones Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus.


On 14 March, the Hidden Ones Aya, Brutus and Cassius arrived at the Theatre of Pompey to eliminate Julius Caesar, whose rise to power and dictator was aided by the Order of the Ancients. While Aya fought and eliminated Caesar's right hand man Lucius Septimius, Brutus and Cassius distracted Caesar in the Senate comprising of over forty Hidden Ones and their allies. Following Caesar's assassination by the Hidden Ones, his friend Mark Antony rallied Caesar's supporters and called for the elimination of the assassins.[1]

The liberators were later forced out of the city, with Brutus going to Krete on the advice of Aya. However, they were not able to flee far as a civil war arose between the assassins and the newly formed alliance of Mark Antony and Caesar's heir, Octavian.[2]


Following Brutus' death, his fellow Hidden Ones gathered in Philippi and attempted to resurrect him with the Shroud of Eden, to no avail. Brutus only opened his eyes and moved without breathing, subsequently falling still in a seeming second death.[3][4]

However, there were also rumors that Brutus had faked his death during the battle. This rumor reached his friend Aya, who was now better known as Amunet.[2]



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