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The arena for the final duel on Typhon's Revenge

The Battle of One Hundred Hands was a tournament held on the Greek island of Melos during the 5th century BCE.


Created and conducted by Drakios with the backing of the Cult of Kosmos, the event was inspired by the Hekatonchires of myths, the beast with fifty heads and a hundred arms.[1] In reality, the tournament was a trap for the Spartan misthios Kassandra.[2]

After years of operation and uncounted deaths in the name of the tournament, the Battle was shut down by Kassandra as she slew Drakios at some point during the 420s.[2]

Over the course of the Battle's operation, it claimed the lives of, among many others, the father and brother and even the mother of the Hydrean champion Roxana, inspiring her to become the Champion of the Battle in turn.[3][1]


Those wishing to participate in the Battle of One Hundred Hands had to first train with a certified champion, and they'd then vouch for each other, or pay Drakios a sum of 4,000 drachmae. Everyone who signed up received a commemorative sword.[1] After enough participants had signed up, the battle would commence outside Melos, in the sulfur dotted landscape. The rules stated that everyone would fight only for themselves, but despite this, some participants worked together.[4]

The progress of the battle was signalled by a horn. First sound signalled the beginning of the battle, the second as a quarter of the participants had been slain, the third as half of them had died, and the fourth to mark the end approaching.[4]

At the end, only two combatants were left standing. They, along with Drakios, would go to Typhon's Revenge, and the ruins therein to fight for the title and the reward of becoming the Champion of the Battle of One Hundred Hands.[4]



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