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This article is about the memory. You may be looking for the battle itself.

Battle of Monmouth was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor joined the Battle of Monmouth, hoping to stop Charles Lee from pursuing his Templar goals.


Connor walked up to the man in charge.

  • Lafayette: We must hold this position for as long as it takes! If the enemy is allowed to push through, we will lose what precious little ground we've gained. The sacrifices your brothers have made today must not have been in vain! Now go! Bring the fight to our enemy! Make them rue the day they marched upon us!

Connor came within view.

  • Lafayette: Connor, my friend! You have arrived just in time to bear witness to our glorious victory!
  • Connor: Where is Charles Lee?
  • Lafayette: That batard (bastard). He shows up in the middle of our preparations and just takes charge. Screams at everyone to advance and then rides away. I am left to pick up the pieces. Where did THEY come from? Send word that we are falling back. Everyone to me! Now! Now!
  • Connor: I will hold the area while you bring them to safety.
  • Lafayette: I grant you my finest soldiers to serve as your personal guard. There is nothing they will not do to ensure you are victorious. Bonne chance, mon ami. (Good luck, my friend.)
ACIII-BattleofMonmouth 1

Lafayette informing Connor to slow the Redcoats' advance

Connor took control of a cannon to slow the Redcoats' advance.

  • Soldier: We are low on ammunition, sir - and the enemy advances.
  • Connor: Then we need to pull back, rejoin the others, and cover their escape.
  • Soldier: If we tarry - we'll die. Best we go!

Connor and the remaining soldiers retreated.

  • Soldier: We've done all we can. We must retreat!
  • Soldier: Come on men, we must fall back!

Connor eventually returned to the main army.

  • Lafayette: Well done, my friend! You have saved many lives today.
  • George: Connor?
  • Connor: Charles Lee has betrayed you. He forced retreat in the midst of battle - hoping the loss would take the lives of your men and see you relieved of your command.
ACIII-BattleofMonmouth 4

Washington informed about Lee's betrayal

  • George: What?!
  • Connor: I am sure he will come and spin a tale - saying he was outnumbered - or I was somehow to blame. All lies. I will say it one last time - that man is your enemy and he will not stop until you are dead or dishonored.
  • Lafayette: Connor's tale rings true. Lee was acting most odd upon the battlefield.
  • George: I will investigate these allegations at once.
  • Connor: The time for that is long past.
  • George: This must be done properly, else we're no better than those we oppose. Never mind the political ramifications of such an act.
  • Connor: Should you choose to spare Lee's life then I will take it myself. Enjoy your victory, Commander. It will be the last I deliver you.


Connor prevented Lee from doing serious harm at the Battle of Monmouth.



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