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This article is about the memory. You may be looking for the battle itself.

Battle of Bunker Hill was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Having flushed John Pitcairn out of hiding, Connor decided to use the chaos of the Battle of Bunker Hill to his advantage and assassinate the Templar.


Connor returned to the encampment.

  • Putnam: The enemy advances and you tremble. They've better numbers, you say. Better weapons. Better training. But I do not fear, and neither should you. For what they have in material, they lack in conviction and care. But not us. We have discipline. We have order. And most importantly, we have passion. We believe! So maintain vigilance. Conserve your ammo. Ensure a proper line of sight. And above all else, men, do not fire until you see the whites of their eyes.

Connor approached Israel Putnam.

  • Putnam: Well I'll be damned. You did it.
  • Connor: That was quite a speech.
  • Putnam: Lies, all of it, I'm afraid. Still, such words have carried us thus far...
  • Connor: And what of Pitcairn?
Battle of Bunker Hill 3

Connor observing Pitcairn's encampment through a spyglass

  • Putnam: He's left Boston as I said he would, and set up camp on Moulton Hill. There's no good way to get at him – not with that maelstrom brewing down below. I suppose you could circle around a bit, or wait for us to thin their ranks.
  • Connor: There is no time. I will have to chance direct approach.
  • Putnam: That's twice today you've proposed the impossible!
  • Connor: I see no other choice.
  • Putnam: That's cos you're mad as a march hare, son.
  • Connor: I expect an apology on my return.

Connor then made his way toward Moulton Hill, stealthily climbing it.

  • Pitcairn: It seems we are well and truly at war... A pity, that. For it's a war we did not ask for. A war we did not wish... And why would we? We're killing our brothers down there – and for what? Duty? Honor? Liberty and justice as the Yanks claim? No. Clinton, Pigot. To me. We must ready the next offensive.

Connor assassinated Pitcairn from above.

Battle of Bunker Hill 8

Connor assassinating Pitcairn

  • Pitcairn: Why... Why did you do this?
  • Connor: To protect Adams and Hancock – and those they serve. You meant to kill them–
  • Pitcairn: Kill them? Are you mad? I wanted only to parlay. There was so much to discuss. To explain... But you've put and end to that now.
  • Connor: If you speak true then I will carry your last words to them.
  • Pitcairn: They must lay down their arms. They must stop this war!
  • Connor: Why them and not the Redcoats?
  • Pitcairn: Do you not think we asked the same question of the British? These things take time. And it would have succeeded, had you let me play my part.
  • Connor: The part of the puppeteer.
  • Pitcairn: Better we hold the strings than another.
  • Connor: No. The strings should be severed. All should be free.
  • Pitcairn: And we should live forever on castles in the sky. You wield your blade like a man, but your mouth like a child. And more will die now because of that...

Pitcairn died, while Connor gave a reply in Kanien'kéha.

  • Connor: It is better to have faith in something, than none at all...

Connor returned to Putnam, who was shouting at one of his soldiers.

  • Putnam: How dare you sneak up on me like that! Why don't you just go off there and just help this camp retreat! Don't ever do that again you hear me! God Damnit.
Battle of Bunker Hill 11

Connor and Putnam overlooking Boston

  • Connor: General Putnam.
  • Putnam: You live!
  • Connor: The same cannot be said for Pitcairn.
  • Putnam: Well done, I suppose. But it matters little now. I'm ordering a full retreat. We have lost too many in exchange for too little. If the Tories want this hill so badly, let them have it. Boston is the true prize.
  • Connor: We have a bigger problem.
  • Putnam: What do you mean?

Connor handed Putnam a letter taken from Pitcairn.

  • Putnam: This can't be right. It says they plan to murder Washington!


Connor assassinated John Pitcairn, and uncovered a plot to murder George Washington.



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