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The Battle of Bedwyn was a military engagement in March 871 between the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings in Bedwyn, during the Viking conquest of England.


Weeks after the Hel-hides conquered the fortress of Wælingford, jarl Guthrum summoned Geirmund to join the rest of Halfdan Ragnarsson's army to march for Bedwyn. Upon arrival of the unified army, Geirmund noticed the Saxons atop the highest point of the dun, which would force them to fight in an open field, like the battle at Ashdown.[1]

Halfdan ordered Guthrum's company to flank the enemy, attacking them from the north, while the other jarls attacked them from the east. Though he feared it would be a repeat of Ashdown, Guthrum had no other choice. Thanks to the powers of the Hnituðr, Guthrum seemed unbeatable and crossed the enemy's defense line. The Vikings took advantage of the Saxons' momentary confusion and pushed them back. Guthrum kept fighting, behind the enemy lines, culminating in a spear throw that managed to hit King Æthelred I of Wessex in the stomach.[1]

The Saxons moved to protect their king, weakening their defenses and allowing the Hel-hides to break through them, upon which they fled from the battlefield. Though Guthrum would've liked to pursue them, night was falling fast and he would rather not have the Vikings deal with the unknown land. Instead, they made camp and took care of the wounded.[1]


A month after the battle, news reached Wælingford that Æthelred had died.[2]



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