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The Battle of Ashdown was a military engagement between the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings in Ashdown, during the Viking conquest of England.


Following a failed attack at the Dane encampment at Readingum, Æthelred I and his brother Alfred desired to draw out the Danes from their fortifications to an open field battle in Ashdown.[1] After intercepting a message that relayed that information to Burgred of Mercia, jarl Sidroc the Elder, who had been marching with his men to meet Guthrum and Halfdan Ragnarsson at Readingum,[2] decided to march to Ashdown.[1]


Upon their arrival, Geirmund Hel-hide noticed the Saxons were stationed atop the north mound, the Danes atop the south mound and an empty open field between the armies, with neither side giving up the advantage of a high ground to attack their enemy. Sidroc and his group crossed the river near the north mound, attempting to flank, though the Saxons divided their forces while they crossed, sending half of them to battle the group while the rest stayed atop the dun. Halfdan's forces also separated, though the Saxons moved to prevent his army from joining Sidroc's. The Saxons managed to defeat the forces of Sidroc, which they outnumbered, and the remaining warriors fled with the Saxons in pursuit. While most fled north, some, like Geirmund, went south, to join Halfdan's army.[1]

At the end of the day, even with many killed, the Saxons conquered the field. The Danes suffered heavy losses, among them, King Bersi, jarl Sidroc the Elder, his son Sidroc, as well as jarl Osbern.[3]



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