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Bastiano da Mezzo (born 1485) was a member of the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins in Venice during the Renaissance.


Early life

Bastiano was born in Venice in 1485 to a Venetian patrician family, as the only son of an absent and indifferent father, and a possesstive and superfecial mother. During his childhood, he oscillated between the suffocating love of his mother and the long periods when he was left to himself, mingling with the children of the poor neighborhoods.

In 1498, during one of his long escape out of his family home, Bastiano slipped unnoticed behind the scenes in a Venetian theater, where he became fascinated by the show. When the scene caught fire, Bastiano rushed in to the help the actors and was caught in the flames, suffering wounds and was heavily disgured.

The incident infuriated Bastiano's parents; his father, furious and hurt by the image it gave his home, while his mother rejected him due to the physical deformation caused by the fire. Hurt both emotionally and physically, Bastiano left home, joining the theater actors that he had save. He was immediately welcomed by the actors, who adopted him and trained him to become an outstanding actor.

Joining the Assassins

Under the actors' tutelege, Bastiano became a master of disguise who often wore masks and completely changing his appearances without revealing his identity. During one of his performances, Leonardo Loredan, the Doge of Venice, was impressed with his performance and got him in touch with the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins, which he eventually joined.

Bastiano' stealth and disguise became an important asset for the Brotherhood in the state. He also forged a strong friendship with fellow Assassins Alessandra and Alif, who both shared his throes of a difficult childhood and earned his trust.




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