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Basilisk champion

The Templar dueling Altaïr

An unidentified warrior (died 1190) affiliated with the Templar Order during the Third Crusade, this giant of a man was a part of the contingent of Crusaders led by Basilisk on an expedition to the Temple of Sand.


In 1190, the Templars and Assassins competed for the recovery of an ancient artifact known as the Chalice, thought to possess the power to unite all factions of the Third Crusade, and rumored to have been held at the fabled Temple of Sand. Though it was said that this Temple could only be accessed using three keys, the Templars under Basilisk were able to enter despite losing all keys and the map of the site to the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad.[1]

Arriving before Altaïr, Basilisk scattered his forces throughout the Temple, and this brutish warrior was posted just before the antechamber as a guardian to the treasure room. Thus, when the Assassin fought his way through the perilous corridors of the Temple, this champion was the very last foe he encountered before entering the treasure chamber and meeting Basilisk. Ultimately, the giant's massive strength proved to be his downfall against his agile adversary. When he embedded his axe into the ground with a missed, powerful swing, Altaïr exploited the opening to kill him, too preoccupied as he was with its retrieval.[1]


  • The warrior shares the same combat style as Badr.