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Barnabas Abroad was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra met Barnabas at the gates of the Sanctuary of Olympia and agreed to go on a tour of the city with him.


Kassandra arrived at the entrance northwest of Olympia and Barnabas beckoned her.

  • Barnabas: Hey, over here! Come on!

Kassandra approached him. He inhaled deeply while talking to her.

  • Barnabas: Welcome to the Olympics! Breathe in. Can you not taste the excitement in the air?

They began to walk through the city.

  • Kassandra: Are you going to be like this the whole time we're here?
  • Barnabas: By the gods, yes!
  • Kassandra: I'll try and win quickly then.
  • Barnabas: Come now. You must be feeling something.

Kassandra laughed.

  • Kassandra: I'm just having fun with you. Who wouldn't be impressed?
  • Barnabas: It is a place of immortal glory—you can be sure Hera and Zeus will be watching your performance closely.

She replied sarcastically.

  • Kassandra: Oh, no pressure, then.

Barnabas chuckled.

  • Barnabas: Forget that for the moment, and let's enjoy the sights and see what Olympia has to offer.

They walked for a bit, then turned back to look at the grand entrance with the banners of Elis.

  • Barnabas: Isn't this magnificent?
  • Kassandra: It's certainly impressive. Though I'm sad we'll be missing the chariot races.
  • Barnabas: Oh, what I would have given to see that!

He turned towards her.

  • Barnabas: We should take in the sights and praise the gods to be here at such a time.
  • Kassandra: Which sights should we see?
  • Barnabas: There're so many! Let me think... The Temple of Zeus, the Altar of Zeus, and of course, the Olympic Tree.

(Leave – "Maybe later.")

  • Kassandra: You have fun Barnabas—I'll catch up with you later.

Kassandra returned.

  • Kassandra: Enjoying the Olympics so far?
  • Barnabas: Even more than I imagined. There's so much to see and do!

(If players chose "I'll meet you at the altar.")

  • Kassandra: We should make an offering to Zeus for good luck in the Games.
ACOD Altar of Zeus - Kassandra and Barnabas

Barnabas and Kassandra at the Altar of Zeus

They met at the entryway to the Altar of Zeus, flanked by two bull statues.

  • Barnabas: To think I would see such an offering to the gods in Olympia itself...
  • Kassandra: I've never seen anything like this.
  • Barnabas: And this is nothing! On the final day the mageiros will slaughter a hundred bulls for the hecatomb to honor Zeus.

  • Kassandra: Ugh, I think I've had enough of the stench of offal and burned meat.

  • Kassandra: I could eat.
  • Barnabas: But that's not for people like us!
  • Kassandra: What's wrong with people like us?

Kassandra turned to a butcher nearby.

  • Kassandra: Hey, give me some of that meat. The gods won't miss it.
  • Butcher: I won't anger the gods for your belly. Get lost.

Kassandra turned to a butcher nearby and handed him some drachmae.

  • Kassandra: My friend here would like to savor your offering. I have the drachmae.
  • Butcher: Won't say no to some extra drachmae.

Barnabas had a taste.

  • Barnabas: Mmm, delicious. Thank you, my friend.
  • Kassandra: Gladly. I know how much this all means to you.

  • Barnabas: Well then, I think we've spent enough time here.
  • Kassandra: Agreed. Let's go.

(If players chose "I'll meet you at the altar." after having visited the Altar of Zeus.)

  • Kassandra: What about the Altar of Zeus?
  • Barnabas: We've already been.
  • Kassandra: All these things with Zeus in the name—I get confused!
  • Barnabas: It's Olympia. What do you expect?

(If players chose "I'll meet you at the temple.")

  • Kassandra: We're in Olympia. It's only fitting we visit the Temple of Zeus.
ACOD Statue of Zeus - Kassandra and Barnabas

Barnabas and Kassandra inside the Temple of Zeus

Kassandra entered the huge temple in the middle of Olympia and approached Barnabas at the feet of the massive Statue of Zeus. They both gazed up at it.

They turned their gazes to one another.

  • Kassandra: I'd hardly say friend. Even acquaintance might be pushing it.
  • Barnabas: Can't you just feel the presence of Zeus and Hera when you stand here?

Kassandra replied sarcastically.

  • Kassandra: I thought it was the wind.

Barnabas barked back with godly fear:

  • Barnabas: Don't mock the gods.

Kassandra responded sharply.

  • Kassandra: My life's been tainted by prophecy and the word of the gods. I've yet to see their hand in anything in this life.

Barnabas nodded slightly, sympathetic to her point.

  • Barnabas: You may not see it, but they have steered you to greatness. You will be a hero for the ages!
  • Kassandra: At what cost?

  • Kassandra: I'm sorry. I don't want my feelings to cast a shadow on your day.

  • Barnabas: Don't think of yourself as tortured by the gods, but as molded for greatness by their hands.
  • Kassandra: I am molded by no one's hands. If the gods know me, they watch in silence.

Barnabas sighed as they turned away from the statue.

  • Barnabas: Come. Let's leave this place. Fortunately for you, I have enough faith for the both of us!

(If players chose "I'll meet you at the temple." after having visited the Temple of Zeus.)

  • Kassandra: Have I seen the temple?
  • Barnabas: Yes. Are you paying attention?

(If players chose "I'll meet you at the tree.")

  • Kassandra: I'd like to see the Olympic Tree.

They met at the foot of the Olympic Tree, where there was a cheering crowd.

  • Kassandra: You brought me to see a tree?
  • Barnabas: Not just any tree. This is the sacred tree from which the winners kotinos are made.
  • Kassandra: I'd rather have drachmae than a wreath.
  • Barnabas: A kotinos is no ordinary wreath. The olive branches are harvested by children and taken to the temple of Hera. There, the Hellanodikai, or judges, make the wreaths.
  • Kassandra: I guess they'll be lighter to carry back to Sparta than gold.
  • Barnabas: At least you see the practicality, if not the wonder, of the Olympic wreaths.

(If players chose "I'll meet you at the tree." after having visited the Olympic Tree.)

  • Kassandra: Should we see the Olympic Tree?
  • Barnabas: Were you sleeping? We've been there.

After their tour was over, they convened in the walkway between the Olympic Tree and the Olympic Gymnasium.

  • Kassandra: Barnabas?
  • Barnabas: Yes?
  • Kassandra: Thank you for this. I hope I wasn't too much of a distraction.
  • Barnabas: No, it was made better by your company.
ACOD Barnabas Abroad - Barnabas and Kassandra hug

Barnabas and Kassandra hugging

The two embraced.

  • Barnabas: A flock of harpies couldn't dampen my spirits—we're at the Olympics! You're competing, and I believe you'll win.

Kassandra laughed heartily as they returned to the task at hand.


Barnabas showed Kassandra around the Sanctuary of Olympia, telling her about the history and meaning of significant locations.


  • This memory is only available during the Odyssey Quest "The Contender."



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