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Barnabas was a Greek naval captain active during the Peloponnesian War. As the captain of the Adrestia, he became a vital companion to the misthios Kassandra.

In his youth, Barnabas was a soldier before turning to commercial shipping for a livelihood. In this capacity, he developed a network of contacts throughout Greece, including local leaders and mercenaries, who became a primary source of information for Kassandra. By offering his ship and crew to the Spartan mercenary, so that they might first leave Kephallonia, the two befriended.[1]

Barnabas was also the husband of Leda of Ithaka, whom he had a daughter with, also named Leda.


Early life

Barnabas was born in an olive grove on the island of Mykonos. He and his brothers later joined the Athenian army, serving as captains in the Athenian navy. One night during a siege, the fleet was destroyed during a storm. During the same incident, Barnabas claimed to have come face to face with Poseidon's "murderous pet", and lost his eye to it.[2]

After leaving the army, Barnabas took to the life of being a sailor. During his travels, he met Leda, a native of the Greek island of Ithaka, and regularly sailed alongside her. The two later had a daughter, also named Leda. On one occasion, a heavy storm struck the boat Barnabas and Leda were sailing in, separating them. As each of them believed the other dead, Barnabas later moved on,[3] and eventually became the captain of his own ship, the Adrestia.[2]

Meeting Kassandra

The Big Break - Cyclops torturing Barnabas - Assassins Creed Odyssey

Barnbas being tortured by the Cyclops

In 431 BCE, Barnabas visited the island of Kephallonia and docked at the town of Sami. While exploring the island, he met the Cyclops of Kephallonia and told him of a tale he had heard during his last voyage. When Barnabas mentioned the words "one-eyed monster", he was kidnapped by the Cyclops to Kleptous Bay, unaware that the words were considered sensitive to the Cyclops.[2]

The Cyclops repeated down Barnabas' head into a jug of water, only stopping after he was confronted by the misthios Kassandra. Kassandra eliminated the Cyclops and his men, bringing Barnabas to safety outside the bay. After introducing himself and telling his stories, Barnabas agreed to lend his services and ship to Kassandra, who was in need of a ship to travel to Megaris. Barnabas informed Kassandra to meet him back in Sami whenever she's ready to depart.[2]

As they departed from Sami, Kassandra told Barnabas to set sail to Megaris, as he had a contract from Elpenor to eliminate the Wolf of Sparta. As Barnabas mentioned the Wolf to be Nikolaos, Kassandra revealed that Nikolaos was her father.[2]

Olympic Games

Around 428 BCE Pausanias of Sparta, one of the two kings of Sparta, tasked Kassandra with escorting the Spartan Pankration champion Testikles to the Olympic Games. Unfortunately, the man died on the way there, and at Alkibiades's urging, Kassandra became the representative of Sparta at the Olympics.[4]

Once they had reached the Sanctuary of Olympia, Barnabas was more than happy to give Kassandra a tour of the city, while telling her about the history of the Games and traditions associated with it.[5]

During the Olympics Alkibiades participated with a number of others in a habitual celebration hosted by his old friends and Olympic judges Kallias and Demophanes. Soon afterwards, he fell ill, and while Barnabas looked after him, Kassandra investigated, finding the other participants for Kallias. She followed clues to the merchant Priam, who led her to the antidote, which saved Alkibiades' life.[6]

After the Athenian rule of the Silver Islands was overthrown, Barnabas joined the party for freedom, together with Iola, a woman he'd met earlier at the temple of Apollo on Delos.[7]

Personality and characteristics

Barnabas strongly believed in the old legends of heroes and mythical beasts, as well as that everybody's fate was predetermined by the gods. He also believed that the Pythia could never be controlled by anyone but the gods and was shocked upon the revelation that anyone could.[8] He also respected Kassandra's role, believing the gods set her upon this. He also has a habit of pointing out the mythical information of certain areas like Marathon. [9] Barnabas is also a kind and cheerful since he almost never makes any complaint in a completely calm state.




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