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Barber of Seville was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.



  • Body - The body of a man, around 40 years old, lying on the ground with a slashed throat. There is a calling card in one of his pockets: "The incomparable Barto! Lead Actor. Theatre Troupe of Amiens."
  • Handbill - A bloody handbill advertising a production of The Barber of Seville at 14 rue Debelleyme.

Café/Love Nest

  • Body - A body of a man slumped in a chair with his throat slashed. There is a calling card in his pocket: "Laurent Doré. Second Lead. Theatre Troupe of Amiens."
  • Crumpled note - "What am I to do? Laurent struck me again and again until I confessed about Barto. Now he's gone to the love-nest in the café to surprise him. He has taken the razor - I fear the worst!"
  • Razor - A bloody razor.
  • Statement of Café Owner - Café Owner: Rents upstairs room to Barto for his affairs. Claims Barto arrived with a bouquet and said a woman would arrive soon. Café Owner left briefly, upon return found scattered flowers. Also saw a man dressed in the black robes of a poor student running down the stairs and out the door.
  • Theatre poster - "THE BARBER OF SEVILLE! A stylish production! The Theatre Troupe of Amiens. Nightly at 14 rue Debelleyme."

Outdoor Theatre

  • Anonymous note - Found at Rose's trailer: "Don't worry, Rose. Both your problems will be taken care of."
  • Costume rack - A pile of costumes for The Barber of Seville. There is a list of the costumes needed. The Poor Student costume is missing.
  • Fire site - Next to Ficarron's trailer: A smoldering fire site. Among the ashes, there is some burnt clothing. The original color appears to be black.
  • Prop table - The table is covered with props. There is a list of all props needed for the play. The barber's razor is missing.
  • Rendez-vous note - Found at Rose's trailer: "Rose, my delectable pastry! Meet me tonight at our usual place. Please, no protestations this time. Remember - I can give you all the leading roles! Or, if you're not accommodating, no roles at all! Your passionate lover, Barto."
  • Statement of Ficarron - Ficarron: Claims to be a much beloved actor. Claims everyone in the troupe gets along well. Notes one exception: Pascal and Barto would argue a lot.
  • Statement of Pascal - Pascal: Plays Second Lead. Claims to be a much better actor than Barto, the First Lead. Notes that Barto is the troupe's leader. Claims Barto has affairs with the actresses. Claims that Laurent hates Barto. Disparages Laurent.
  • Statement of Rose - Rose: Is married to Laurent. Worried that he hasn't returned. Warns me not to let him see me talking to her as he gets extremely jealous.


Café/Love Nest

  • Bertrand Jouvet (Café Owner) - Barto, the actor? I rent him a room upstairs for his "discreet encounters." This evening, he arrived with a bouquet and said a young lady would soon follow. I went out back briefly. When I returned, I found these flowers scattered in a trail out into the street. Then a man dressed in shabby black robes, you know, like a poor student, came running down the stairs and out the door. Very odd. Nothing bad has happened, I hope.

Outdoor Theatre

  • Ficarron (Comic actor): I am the actor Ficarron! Loved by all from Marseille to Ghent! We have a tight-knit theatre troupe here. We all get along very nicely. Although... well, Pascal can be difficult and argues endlessly with Barto, but nothing serious. Why do you ask?
  • Pascal (Second lead actor): My name is Pascal. I generally play Second Lead, although, frankly, I'm the superior actor. Barto's the leader of the troupe, so he casts himself as First Lead. First Lead! He can barely remember his lines. Likes to mix it up with the actresses as well. Unprofessional. He's not well liked. Laurent, in point of fact, hates him. Laurent's a bit of a turd himself.
  • Rose (Ingenue): I'm Rose, I've been acting with the troupe for some time. I'm married to Laurent. I'm worried about him. Neither he nor our lead actor have shown up today. But if he does arrive, don't let him see you talking to me. He's very, very jealous.




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