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Bara's Funeral was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno received a letter from the Assassin Council, instructing him to defend Joseph Bara's funeral procession.


Arno read the letter from the Council.

  • Letter: Defend the funeral procession of Joseph Bara.

Arno reached the procession cart.

  • Driver: Where's the rest of the men?
  • Guard: Killed in the ambush.
  • Driver: Damn! We're trying to take Joseph Bara's body to the Panthéon, but some bloody royalists want to stop us.
  • Arno: I'll help defend you.
  • Driver: There's a crowd of people waitin' to give respects to this lad. He is a hero the Revolution. We've got to reach the ceremony in time. Let's go!

As the cart drove by the spectators, Arno fought off royalists along the way.

  • Spectators: The casket!
    The martyr! Bara!
    Look! It's Bara!
    Bara is a hero!
    Joseph Bara!
    It's the young boy!
    It's Bara!

The cart reached the Panthéon, where Arno spoke to an officer.

  • Officer: Thank you, citizen, for defending the memory of this young hero of France.

The officer walked onto a podium and spoke to the crowd in front of the Panthéon.

  • Officer: Now that the remains of Joseph Bara have arrived, we can begin. Though Joseph Bara was hardly more than a child, he served the Revolution as a hero in Vendée. When royalists demanded his horse, he refused to give it up! They killed him for it. Faithful to the people of France, Bara cried 'Long live the Republic' with his dying breath! I agree with Robespierre when he says 'Only the French have thirteen-year old heroes'!
  • Guard: More royalists! To arms, men! For the memory of Bara! To arms! For Bara!

As more royalists attacked the funeral service, Arno and the guards fought them off. Arno then escaped the area.


Thanks to Arno's efforts, the funeral of Joseph Bara was protected from royalists.


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