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"The false Mackandal gathers followers. They attempt to overtake smuggling operations on the bayou – to finance what, I cannot say."
―Agaté, on the followers of Baptiste, 1766.[src]

Two of Baptiste's followers

Baptiste's Acolytes were a cult of former African slaves operating under Baptiste, an escaped slave from Saint-Domingue. Baptiste's followers operated throughout the Louisiana Bayou, attempting to overthrow the regime of the local smuggler group, which was headed by Élise Lafleur and Roussillon.


After the death of Baptiste's Assassin Mentor François Mackandal in 1758, his brother Agaté left Saint-Domingue for Louisiana. Feeling betrayed, Baptiste gave up on the Assassin Brotherhood and formed his own Maroon society, pretending to be François Mackandal himself.

By 1766, Baptiste had formed an alliance with the Templar Order in Louisiana in hopes of joining them. As a result, Baptiste's followers were tricked into serving the Templars' goals. In 1766, Baptiste and his followers were plotting to murder the nobles of New Orleans to avenge the local slaves, and were thwarting the local smuggling ring's efforts in the bayou area.

During a ceremony on the Eve of Saint John in 1766, the Assassin Aveline de Grandpré, trained by Agaté, killed Baptiste and effectively forced the cult's disbandment. A few holdouts remained active throughout the bayou, who were later exterminated by Aveline on the advice of smuggler Roussillon.