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Banastre Tarleton (21 August 1754 – 15 January 1833) was a General and cavalry officer in the British Army during the American Revolutionary War. The Colonial Assassin Connor considered him to be particularly dangerous.

In 1780, General Thomas Sumter had lost his fighting spirit and was in danger of being waylaid by Tarleton in South Carolina. Connor's recruits were sent to aid him, leading to Tarleton's first defeat at the Battle of Blackstock's Farm.

The following year, Henry Lee sought to confront Tarleton's Dragoons, but Connor's Assassins diverted his path to protect him. Otho Williams's scout force in North Carolina was sent by Nathanael Greene to find Tarleton. Aware of the danger it would put Williams in, the Assassins helped his men escape during the Battle of Wetzell's Mill.


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