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"Cesare has employed a master spy. Baltasar de Silva. He hides behind the disguise of a barber, though I am told he has no skill at it."
―Fiora Cavazza describing Baltasar.[src]

Baltasar de Silva (died 1503) was Cesare Borgia's master spy, and a member of the Templar Order. Though he disguised himself as a barber, he instead gathered information for the Borgia family, particularly on their enemies, the Assassins.

In 2012, his genetic memories were used as an Animi Avatar by the Templar company Abstergo Industries, in the first stage of training for their Animus recruits, under the title of the Barber.[1]


Know your enemy[]

"Together, we will stalk Cesare's enemy – a league of Assassins. There is much to learn."
―Fiora describing her partnership with Baltasar.[src]

At one point, Baltasar worked with Fiora Cavazza to investigate the Assassins. To do so, they used one of Cesare's senators as bait; one who was notorious for corruption, and who had only narrowly survived a previous attack from an Assassin.[2]

Together, they followed him for several days, unseen, and were finally able to observe the successful assassination. They also attempted to follow the Assassin afterwards, though they were unable to catch up with them.[2]

Despite the failure to tail or catch his prey, Baltasar was able to observe the Assassin's technique, clothing, and Hidden Blade, and eagerly took notes. He continued to gather information on them after this, and reported all of his findings to Fiora.[2]

Eventually, this research culminated in Fiora and himself attempting to "create" their own Assassin, with the two of them training Il Lupo in the ways of their enemies, allowing him to mimic their movements and weapons.[2]

On the run[]

"Baltasar escaped. I cannot afford to let him live. We spied on the Assassins together and I know more than they believe. I am a liability."
―Fiora realizing the danger of her betrayal.[src]

The Assassins at Baltasar's hideout

Later, when Fiora turned on Cesare and allied with the Assassins in 1503, she realized the need to kill Baltasar to hide how much damage she had caused her new allies. After leading them to kill other Templars such as Rocco Tiepolo and the siblings Cahin and Caha, Fiora advised them to pursue Baltasar.[2]

The Assassins planned to attack Baltasar's barber shop, but Fiora told them that it was a decoy, and instead led them to his real hideout. However, there they discovered that Baltasar had laid traps, including a tripwire explosion on the front doorway, and a dummy filled with an abrasive powder, which had injured an Assassin after he had hit it with a throwing knife.[2]

As the group inspected the entire hideout, Fiora noticed Baltasar standing outside with a torch in hand, though he was noticeably surprised when he recognized her. The Assassins managed to flee the burning building before the fire got out of hand, but Baltasar was able to escape.[2]


"Baltasar admires my move. Wants to meet. Discuss options. Work a better deal."
―Fiora, upon finding a letter to her from Baltasar.[src]
Moving target

Fiora returning to Baltasar's hideout

Despite this, Baltasar was intrigued by Fiora's decision. When Fiora returned to the burnt remains of the hideout, she discovered a letter from him, offering to meet her in a warehouse to discuss a "better deal."[2]

After scouting the area for danger, Fiora arrived to find him sitting alone at a table. Baltasar began to speculate on her motivations for turning against Cesare, most of which were correct, and also reassured her that he had not informed their master of the betrayal.[2]

However, Baltasar soon apologized and revealed the meeting to be a trap, as several riflemen came out of hiding around them. He gave the order to attack, but before any of them could fire a shot, they were all killed by arrows from Assassins who had come to rescue Fiora.[2]