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Balagrae was an ancient Greek township, located in the Green Mountains region of Cyrenaica.

The town was notable for the Asklepieion, a temple dedicated to the Greek god of healing Asklepios. The healer Praxilla and her father Theramenes also lived in the town, where they established a makeshift clinic to care for the sick and wounded in the region.


In 47 BCE, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa, visited the town's clinic, where he caught up with Praxilla, a healer he had met in the farmlands. Praxilla explained that Flavius Metellus passed by the town during his trip to Cyrene and had made use of the relic he recovered from Siwa to enslave some of the villagers. She directed him to look for her friend Crios, who worked at the Asklepieion as a water bearer, while she herself went to look for Melitta, a fellow healer and priestess.[1]

Bayek subsequently returned to the town to meet with Praxilla, inviting her to meet with Diocles and Vitruvius at the Oracle of Apollo near the Aquaeductus Kyrenaike. Before leaving, Praxilla requested Bayek to look for Crios, who had went missing while helping her to collect some herbs.[2]



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