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Bahía de Guadiana

Bahía de Guadiana (English: Guadiana Bay), located in modern day Cuba, was described as a network of swamps and marshes on the tip of Nueva Filipina, the island's western cape, where thousands of enslavedFilipinos labored in Spanish tobacco plantations, during the early 18th century.

In July 1716, a pirate assembly was being held in a hideout cove somewhere in the area. The French pirate captains Alonzo Batilla and Olivier Levasseur attended to the pirate assembly, and found Benjamin Hornigold and Samuel Bellamy arguing about Hornigold's code to not attack any ships of the Royal Navy. They decided to put it to a vote, and the pirates voted for Bellamy as the captain, deposing Hornigold.

Later that night, Alonzo and Samuel attacked a slave ship, liberating the slaves and Alonzo taking Aaminah, a female slave, into his crew.



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