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Bad Faith was a virtual representation of Bayek's genetice memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek and Sobek priest Padiaset decide the only way to solve the problems within the cult is to deal with its corrupt High Priest, Sehetep.


As Bayek reached the southern Temple of Sobek in Krokodilopolis, he saw Padiaset praying for the dead soldiers on the ground.

  • Bayek: By the gods, what has happened?
  • Padiaset: May you walk in the land of the Duat. Sobek be merciful to you. Ma'at find you worthy...
    Dua Sobek. Sobek the healer. He of the green plumage. The splashing one who came from the great goddess of sunlight... Forgive our weaknesses...

Bayek approached Padiaset, and the priest rose.

  • Padiaset: Medjay! You are late... Sehetep's men came to kill me.
  • Bayek: So I see. Not bad for a priest who abhors bloodshed.
  • Padiaset: I was not always a priest. I thought I had escaped all this...
  • Padiaset: Sehetep and I found faith together, joined the temple together. I knew he struggled, just as I did but... I have to stop him now.
  • Bayek: You cannot be seen to move against him. Not if the cult is to survive. A priest killing a priest looks bad. I should do this.
  • Padiaset: You are right. You will find him at the Northern Temple. I will meet you outside.

Bayek headed for the northern temple. Along they way, he was ambushed by Sehetep's soldiers.

  • Soldier 1: There he is! For Sehetep! That is the meddling Medjay!
  • Soldier 2: Cut him off! Flank him!
  • Soldier 1: You are on the wrong side of Sobek, traveler! And in the wrong place!
  • Soldier 3: We are the future here. You should not have meddled!

Bayek eliminated the soldiers.

  • Bayek: They were Sehetep's men. It is time to finish this.

Bayek reached the Temple of Sobek, only to find it heavily guarded by Sehetep's men.

  • Bayek: The main Temple of Sobek. Sehetep is inside. He will be well guarded.

Bayek infiltrated the temple, finding Sehetep with a guard in the main hall.

  • Greek Soldier: Padiaset has gained the help of a strong ally.
  • Sehetep: The Medjay who raided our ship? Who is he?
  • Greek Soldier: He's not from Faiyum. A rogue traveller by all reports. One of the old kingdom some say.
  • Sehetep: The Old Kingdom is dead. I don't care who he is. I will feed his infidel carcass to Petsuchos.

Bayek eliminated the guard and attacked Sehetep.

  • Sehetep: You filthy infidel! By what right do you touch me. I'm Sobek's chosen vessel. His right hand! Who are you!
  • Bayek: You're nothing but a murderer. And I am the hand of justice.

Bayek killed Sehetep.

  • Bayek: It is done. Faith turns to treachery far too often it seems. I should meet Padiaset.

Bayek left the temple. Approaching the entrance, he could hear Padiaset and a few other priests talking.

  • Priest: Do you think the Medjay will succeed?
  • Padiaset: Yes. He is a stranger yet Sobek guides him.
    When this is over, Sehetep's priests will seek forgiveness. Be stern, but treat them fairly. None of us is beyond temptation.
  • Priest: Yes Hem. Dua Sobek.

Bayek addressed Padiaset.

  • Bayek: Sehetep chose death.
  • Padiaset: Then it had to be. I lost a brother today. If I had acted sooner he might have been restored. Faith cannot be passive. This is my lesson.
    We will rebuild what has been damaged. But what of the soldiers? They had a hand in all this.
  • Bayek: They will always meddle. But stay strong. They know now not to mess with the temple. Sobek has warriors too.
  • Padiaset: You honor me, Medjay. May Sobek honor you.


Bayek put an end to Sehetep and his acts of corruption in the cult of Sobek, taking his staff in the process.


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