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Azize was a member of the Ottoman Brotherhood of Assassins.


When Ezio Auditore da Firenze, the Mentor of the Italian Brotherhood, arrived in Constantinople in 1511, the Turkish Assassins' leader Yusuf Tazim offered Azize to be Ezio's guide while the latter explored the city. Ezio, however, declined, preferring to go alone.[1]

Azize was later assigned to protect the bookshop of Sofia Sartor in 1512 alongside Yusuf and the Assassin lieutenants. When the shop was attacked by Byzantine Templars, both Azize and Sofia were taken captive, and Yusuf was killed. Azize was dressed up to look like Sofia soon afterwards and led up the Galata Tower where she was held by a Byzantine guard. She was eventually rescued by Ezio, who mistook her to be Sofia. Ezio saved Sofia soon afterwards, and they both left the city to chase the Templars' leader, Prince Ahmet.[1][2]

During their absence, Azize took care of Sofia's shop. Reorganizing all the books, Azize managed to attract more customers than Sofia ever had. After Ezio's and Sofia's return, Sofia eventually agreed to have Azize take full management over the shop, and Ezio arranged for the Brotherhood to buy it from Sofia. Azize turned her profession into a full-time shopkeeper and made the shop a fundamental source of knowledge for the Brotherhood.[1]


  • Strangely, in the memory "The Exchange", if Ezio views Azize with his Eagle Sense, she glows red.
  • The name Azize has come to carry the meaning "precious", as it is derived from the Arabic word عزّ (azza), meaning "to be powerful" or "to be cherished."