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Ayman was a nobleman from Jerusalem at the time of the Third Crusade.

In 1190, he was invited to a grand party hosted by the King of Jerusalem at Lacoeur's villa. Unbeknownst to him, this same party was the target of the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, who sought to infiltrate it as a means of finding the Templar leader Basilisk.

Altaïr was advised by the rafiq Kadar to visit the city gardens for gossip in the hopes of discovering the location of this event. These very same gardens were frequented by Ayman at a consistent hour of the day, a habit well known by his peer. After Ayman boasted to this man of his invitation, the peer held a casual conversation with another acquaintance expressing his envy. Altaïr, overhearing this exchange, determined that he had found the lead he needed. Following the words that Ayman favored a spot on the other side of the gardens, Altaïr easily found the nobleman and abruptly launched into his query as to the location of the party.

Ayman, indignant at the bluntness of this random stranger, rudely told him off, until Altaïr grappled him and abused his pressure points. Now sensing that he was in danger, the nobleman divulged all that Altaïr needed to know. Still in a panic, he pleaded for his life to be spared, which Altaïr casually accepted, musing that there was no reason to kill him if they had never met. Taking the hint, Ayman conceded that they had never met.


  • Ayman, أيمن, is an Arabic name meaning "right-handed, blessed, lucky, righteous."



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