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Ayar: "What good is my pride if the emperor dies?"
Quila: "You are so sure I tell the truth? Even without the quipu?"
Ayar: "You never lied to me even when I wished you would."
—Ayar telling his former wife that he believes her about the plot to asssassinate the Emperor, 1536[src]

Ayar Acar

Ayar Acar was the son of Tuti Cusi, a powerful and wealthy councilor of the Incan Emperor, Manco Inca Yupanqui, during the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire in the 16th century. He was also the husband of Quila before she left him to pursue her dream of becoming a chasqui. He was one of the Emperor's favorite, working alongside his father, until the end of his marriage, which reflected badly on him and on his family.


In 1536, during the Siege of Cuzco, Ayar was visited by Quila for the first time since she left, his former wife asking for his help. She told him that she had uncovered a plot to assassinate the Emperor but that no one was believing her. Telling her that in the past she never lied to him even when he wished she would, Ayar decided to bring Quila to his father. However, Ayar's father didn't believe her since the proof had been destroyed on her way to Cusco and because he was still holding a grudge against her for leaving his son. As Ayar was arguing with his father about Quila's trustworthiness, Don Gonzalez Pardo, the drunk travel companion of Quila, erupted into the audience room, prompting Ayar's father to accuse Quila of conspiring with a conquistador. He then sentenced both Quila and Pardo to die and had the guards drag them away under the eyes of a conflicted but silent Ayar.

On their way to the execution site, Pardo revealed that he had infiltrated the Spanish camp and discovered that the Spanish allied themselves with an Inca merchant who was also the one who sent the message unveiling the plot and intercepted by Quila. As she was dragged toward Ayar to be executed, Quila finally understood that the traitor was Tuti Cusi, his contacts with the Spanish explaining why he knew Pardo by his name and why he didn't even tried to warn Emperor Manco about a potential threat. At first Ayar refused to believe that his father was a traitor but ultimately realized that she was right as his father only cared for money and power. Professing his undying love for Quila, Ayar attacked the three warriors sent with him by his father, killing them. Believing to be failure Pardo stayed behind as the two Incas left on his horse to save the Emperor.

Back in Cusco, Ayar and Quila infiltrated the palace through ruse as the Incas were celebrating Inti Raymi, the winter solstice. Reaching Manco's private chambers, Ayar distracted the guards while Quila rushed to save the Emperor who was alone with Tuti Cusi. Eventually, Quila and Pardo, who changed his mind and followed them to Cusco, saved Manco from Tuti Cusi's assassin. One of his finger almost bitten off by Quila, Tuti Cusi fled, and meeting a group of soldiers led by his son tried to sent them after Quila. However, Ayar knocked his traitorous father with a punch to the face.