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This article is about the memory of Bayek. For other uses, see Aya.

Aya was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek travels to Alexandria to search for his wife.


Bayek rode past Yamu to Alexandria, and was followed by his eagle, Senu.

  • Bayek: I must protect this great land. Alexandria is where the Snake thrives and Aya lives. I must find them both.

Bayek arrived at the gates of Alexandria.

  • Bayek: May the gods help me, I am coming for you, Aya.

Bayek made his way to the Library of Alexandria.

  • Bayek: Serapis... The Snake will get his answer.

At the entrance, he overhead a conversation between two Alexandrians.

  • Man 1: I wrote this!
  • Man 2: All writings are to be copied by the Great Library!
  • Man 1: You can't have it!
  • Man 2: I guess the works of Archimedes, Plato, Sappho and Aristotle won't have your scribblings to keep them company.
  • Man 1: Those are all in there?
  • Man 2: They are.
  • Man 1: I guess you can copy this, then.
  • Man 2: Too late, don't want it.
  • Man 1: Go ahead, take it.
  • Man 2: No!
  • Man 1: You can have it!

Bayek entered the library.

  • Bayek: How will I find Aya among all these scrolls?
  • Man 1: I find that Phanos talks too much.
  • Man 2: He has some interesting ideas. Very radical! It's almost alarming.
  • Man 1: You're right about that, but can't he express them concisely?

As Bayek walked up the stairs, he overhead a conversation.

  • Phanos: The knowledge of the entire world is at your fingertips! Here, one can reflect upon the oppressive regime under which we find ourselves laboring! The Alexandrian Poets, have I mentioned them? ...Are a group of dramatic artists dedicated to promoting free thinking throughout the land, no matter what the pharaoh says. Despite the fact that the ruling pharaoh is given to arbitrary and despotic decrees, here at the library, we support free study! Any topic you like!

Bayek looked at a statue of Serapis, recognizing the hint Aya had given Hepzefa to pass along.

  • Bayek: Alright, Serapis. Now what? Where is Aya?

Bayek was greeted by the playwright, Phanos the Younger, though the Medjay didn't recognize him.

Bayek meeting Phanos

  • Phanos: Ah, Serapis. I wrote a tragi-comic-pastoral-epic centered on him.
  • Bayek: Ah.
  • Phanos: You're Bayek, yes? Aya is eager to see you.
  • Bayek: Is she safe?

A woman passed by, unnerving Phanos.

  • Phanos: Quickly, follow me. I am sorry, my good fellow, you appear to be drunk. This library is for serious scholars only.

Bayek followed the man. The man lowered his voice.

  • Phanos: She is in hiding.
  • Bayek: Who are you?
  • Phanos: Ah! Interested in Homeric verse, eh? This way, please.

He lowered his voice again.

  • Phanos: I am Aya's cousin, Phanos.
  • Bayek: Ah, yes, Phanos, nice to meet you in person. Tell me what is happening with Aya, why are you being so discreet?
  • Phanos: Gennadios sent his men on a house-to-house search. Often, they drag people into the street and torture them for information. Typical of the system we live under.
  • Bayek: Gennadios?
  • Phanos: A monster. The phylakitai of Alexandria. He is ravaging the city to find her.
  • Bayek: And where is she now?
  • Phanos: I have a very powerful friend, Apollodorus. No doubt you have heard of him.
  • Bayek: I have not.
  • Phanos: You will. In any case, he made a hiding place available to Aya after she ran into trouble.
  • Bayek: But what happened? You do not answer me.
  • Phanos: It is a mess of political intrigue. She will explain all, fear not.

Bayek followed Phanos outside the library.

  • Man 1: Look! There's Phanos! He thinks he's a poet!
  • Man 2: The modern Sophocles!
  • Man 1: You must hear his epic poem, "Ode to a Nanny-Goat!"
  • Man 2: (laughs) " Heat!"
  • Man 3: (raucous laugh)

They arrived at a small tower.

  • Phanos: This is as far as I go. The way to Aya is found in the monument ahead.
    Right there. Have a little faith. I must get back. Good luck, my friend! Come visit me at the theatre! There are many things to do in Alexandria!

Bayek entered a large well. Inside, he found a hidden chamber used by Aya. He also found her notes.

  • Aya's notes: Phanos is right, I should meet with Apollodorus.
    According to him, Actaeon is involved.
    I need to slip into his quarters.
    The mask, he is one of them.
    His blood for my Khemu.
    I need to hide now, Apollodorus could help.
    He gave me access to the Den, I can trust him.

Aya leapt on top of Bayek on a table.

Aya leaping on top of Bayek

  • Aya: I missed you.
  • Bayek: Never again should we spend months apart. We only have each other. Without Khemu...
  • Aya: Ssh. Let us be together, us two, each to each.

They kissed.

  • Bayek: I have news.

Bayek showing Aya the Apple of Eden

Bayek showed Aya the scar on his shoulder from his encounter with Rudjek.

  • Aya: You are scarred by justice.

Bayek took out the Apple of Eden he had taken from Medunamun.

  • Bayek: I bludgeoned Medunamun with this.
  • Aya: I hate that we have to do these things, but I am grateful that you did.
  • Bayek: If I am honest, I took pleasure in it.

Bayek and Aya undressed and retired to the water in the well. There, Aya shaved off Bayek's hair and beard with a knife.

The two sharing an intimate moment

  • Bayek: I have missed your touch.
  • Aya: I have missed touching you. I killed as well. Actaeon. I hunted him down and discovered a mask in his room. When he returned, I forced him to wear it. Then I thrust this knife through his eye slits.
  • Bayek: Aya.
  • Aya: But I was careless. Another of the masked ones tracked me to my home. He was even more difficult.
  • Bayek: We have one more. Then, we will be done.

They kissed. After returning to the chamber, Aya showed Bayek a scroll.

  • Aya: Look at this. I took it from Actaeon. Apollodorus tells me it is a papyrus from the Royal Council. Which means the Snake is in Ptolemy's court.
  • Bayek: How does this Apollodorus know these things?
  • Aya: He has informants everywhere. Because of his work with Cleopatra.
  • Bayek: Cleopatra? She's been declared a criminal.
  • Aya: By her treacherous brother, yes. She plans to take back the throne. She wants the Snake dead as much as we do. And she trusts me. She gave me this to slit his throat.

Aya gave Bayek a Hidden Blade.

Aya giving Bayek the Hidden Blade

  • Aya: It's an ancient blade that killed the tyrant Xerxes. A weapon of justice.

As Bayek was about to activate the blade with his fist clenched, Aya rolled his fingers away from the blade. Bayek then flicked the blade with satisfaction.

  • Bayek: Hahaha. Ingenious. I will go to the palace and discover who uses the seal of the Snake, and I will use this.
  • Aya: You'll find plenty of information in the Royal Scribe's office. He spends his time at the bath house. Go search the palace while he's away.
  • Bayek: And you?
  • Aya: I cannot leave here as long as Gennadios walks the streets. He is determined to kill me.
  • Bayek: In addition to the Snake, I will see what I can learn of this Gennadios and silence him.

Bayek trying out the Hidden Blade for the first time

  • Aya: Discover who the Snake is and show him the face of death. I'll met you at the Paneum when you have killed both the Snake and Gennadios.
  • Bayek: My heart aches until I see you again.
  • Aya: As does mine, my love.

Bayek found a grate.

  • Bayek: What's this?
  • Aya: That leads to the docks. I can't believe Phanos had you go through the pit.

Bayek approached Aya again.

  • Aya: Who is the Snake?
  • Bayek: I have yet to discover that.
  • Aya: The clue must be there in the palace. Search for the seal found upon the letter. It's too dangerous to leave this den as long as Gennadios and his men are searching for me.

He made his way to Aya's home, guarded by soldiers.

  • Bayek: What in the name of Horus are the soldiers doing here?

He entered Aya's home through the backyard.

  • Bayek: Ah! Aya's place.

He discovered a trail of blood.

  • Bayek: So much blood.

He discovered a mask on the floor.

  • Bayek: I recognize this mask! It belongs to one of them.

He discovered a relic on the table.

  • Bayek: This is from Siwa. Aya kept it all these years.

He discovered a body in the corner of the room.

  • Bayek: There is the man who tried to kill my wife. He should have known better.

Bayek left the place. After killing the Snake and Gennadios, Bayek met with Aya at the top of the Paneum.

  • Aya: My dearest.

The two embracing passionately

They kissed.

  • Bayek: The Snake and Gennadios are dead. It was Eudoros. He died flailing in the baths.
  • Aya: I wish I had been there.

Bayek and Aya continued to kiss intensely.

  • Bayek: My wife, my wife.


Bayek was tasked with ending the Snake and a Phylakitai by the name of Gennadios.



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