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Aya: Blade of the Goddess was a virtual representation of one of Aya and Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan in 2018 through the Portable Animus HR-8.[1]


Aya and Bayek escorted Cleopatra to Alexandria in order to secure an alliance with Julius Caesar.


Bayek met Aya by the shores of Herakleion.

  • Aya: Forewarning, Bayek. Once we board this ship, there's no turning back. And we finish with the Queen on her throne, or each of our heads on a pike.
  • Bayek: I understand.

Aya, Bayek, Apollodorus and Cleopatra boarded Phoxidas' ship on the Mediterranean Coast. Phoxidas and Damastes greeted Apollodorus and Cleopatra.

Phoxidas receiving both Apollodorus and Cleopatra aboard his ship

  • Phoxidas: It is rare that our cargo is a goddess. I apologize, we have no Kings or Queens on our ship, only gods and goddesses. So you should fit right in.
  • Cleopatra: All strange and terrible things are welcome.
  • Phoxidas: Haha! I am worried that my quarters are not as comfortable as your palace.
  • Cleopatra: Comforts? We despise them.

Apollodorus and Cleopatra walked past Damastes. Cleopatra gave Damastes a pat on his chest and walked away, causing him to vomit in shock.

  • Phoxidas: My loyal shield boy, are you fit?
  • Damastes: I am in awe of this goddess. We must do her well. I can't believe she's on our ship.
  • Phoxidas: Don't be fooled by her appearances. She needs us more than we need her. Aya, she is the real goddess.

Aya and Bayek keeping a lookout for enemy ships

Phoxidas gestured towards Aya and Bayek, who were standing on the mast of the ship. Aya spotted several triremes approaching the fleet.

  • Aya: There, in the distance.

Aya jumped down to the main deck, with Bayek following.

  • Phoxidas: Aya, already showing Bayek the best places to make love! Haha!
  • Aya: Enough, Phox. It is time to make war.

The walked up to the bridge, with Phoxidas and Damastes following. Phoxidas addressed his crew.

  • Phoxidas: Brothers at sea! Today we carry a precious cargo, Queen Cleopatra, Great Lady in Perfection, She of the Sedge and Bee, with so many other cocksure titles my breath falters just to think of them! Now, if you'll direct your attention to the fore, you'll notice we have some friends bearing down upon us. Emissaries of our little Pharaoh! How kind of them to come forth! Let us welcome them, shall we? Warmly. With a ball of flaming refuse! Alalalala!

Phoxidas and his fleet began to move confront Ptolemy's triremes.

  • Phoxidas: This reminds me of a day twenty years back when I sailed with a group of pirates.
  • Aya: The Sicilians, was it?
  • Phoxidas: Ah, you heard the stories! That's right, I was a hired hull then, too. They were planning an inland raid on Antioch, and needed a few extra sails. It was my first and only dip into the life of a scoundrel. I prefer having a shred of decency. Only a shred.
  • Bayek: A shred can be hard to come by.
  • Phoxidas: He speaks? The Great Medjay.
  • Bayek: We are at sea, captain. Any greatness here is yours.
  • Phoxidas: Ptolemites! Burn them! Alalalaaaaa! Send our arrows! Give them a taste of our fire!

Phoxidas' fleet destroyed the two triremes and made their way towards Alexandria.

  • Phoxidas: Well done there! Seacraft comes naturally to you.
  • Aya: Easier to sail about when the sea is empty of ships trying to sink you.
  • Bayek: Won't a dozen missing triremes not alert the main fleet?
  • Phoxidas: It will take some time for them to find the wreckage. Onwards.
  • Damastes: Captain, my shield smells like charcoal.
  • Phoxidas: Damastes, please, shut up! We press on.
  • Aya: With caution. We're not yet in calmer waters.

Phoxidas' fleet encountered several more of Ptolemy's triremes.

  • Phoxidas: There. More of Ptolemy's ships!
  • Aya: They'll want to box us in, and drive us against the shore.
  • Phoxidas: I see that look in your eyes. Why should we fight them? We can just barge on through and head straight for Alexandria.
  • Aya: I need to be sure the way is safe for Cleopatra. We have to do this!
  • Bayek: Those neket iadet (pieces of shit) will feel Ra's arrows!
  • Phoxidas: Nice to hear Egyptian vulgarity on a Greek ship. Variety is what makes life interesting. And bloodshed! Alalalalaaaaa!
    The fleet awaits your command, Aya. Our catapults will fire upon your order.
    The fleet is at your disposal. One signal, and fire will burst upon them.
    Don't save our ammunition, Aya! Waste it, and them!
    Which one is the god of fire? Wake him up, and tell him it's time to unleash his wrath!
    This is not a battle we'll win without catapults! Alalala!

Under Aya's command, they destroyed the ships, one after the other.

  • Phoxidas: Take them, you slackers!
    Cut them off! Don't let them tack!
    Show no mercy! Send them to the abyss!
  • Aya: Is that all they've got?!
  • Bayek: We will burn like Ra!

The fleet was destroyed. Phoxidas waved his hand.

  • Phoxidas: The air stinks. But not of oarsmen. Something else...

Aya grabbed him to draw his attention.

  • Aya: Hold, Phoxidas. Look there, at the water.

One of Ptolemy's men firing a fire arrow

On one of Ptolemy XIII's triremes, men fired flaming arrows onto the sunken ships, lighting the oil and destroying two of Phoxidas' ships. More of Ptolemy's ships arrived.

  • Phoxidas: Two ships down! Damn Ptolemy. Did make a fine navy, though, I'm no poxy general with bottomless Roman coffers! Those were my men!
  • Aya: Easy, Phoxidas. We're not done yet. Our catapults will do their work. We'll make them pay!
  • Phoxidas: And dearly, by the balls of Zeus! I want the oceans turned dark with their blood! Damastes! Make the call, increase the rhythm!
  • Damastes: Yes, my captain! Alala!
  • Phoxidas: They've sent an Octareme! A floating city! Blast! Do the gods wish my fleet destroyed! Fickle Poseidon! This old fish will stick in your grizzled throat!
  • Aya: Bear up, old man, let's not offend the gods without cause!
  • Phoxidas: I'll take angry gods over docile ones right now. Open up the skies and rain some kind of shit down on us.

One of the triremes was destroyed.

  • Aya: We have one last beast to hunt!

The Octareme was destroyed.

  • Phoxidas: And that is the game! Ah, the gods have such a humor, Aya. The day I met you, was the day danger found me again. Bayek, you are one lucky Medjay!
  • Bayek: As are we, lucky to be in your furious company.
  • Aya: Should I apologize for putting you back to work?
  • Phoxidas: Not at all, not at all! My blood runs quick now, with the roar of battle! By Zeus, I have not seen this much action since the earliest days of Cleopatra's father.

Phoxidas and his crew celebrated the victory. Aya slapped her hand on Phoxidas' shoulder.

  • Aya: Let's not celebrate too roundly, old man. We're afloat in the sea with a cargo worth a thousand ships.
  • Bayek: I wonder if Cleopatra survived unmarked. Those clothes looked expensive.
  • Phoxidas: All are safe. We're done.

A fire arrow flew towards the ship. More of Ptolemy's ships arrived.

  • Damastes: Attacking starboard!

Phoxidas asking Aya to get off the ship

  • Phoxidas: We're not done!
    malakia (assholes) are not dead yet! Get onto the reed boats. Use the fog to hide your escape. I will take care of this.

Phoxidas embraced Aya.

  • Phoxidas: Destiny is a fucker sometimes, Aya. Enjoy the calm water. I will stay in the storm—

An arrow hit Phoxidas, who brushed it off. Aya and others hurried away.

  • Phoxidas: Agh! Flee, you fools! Don't mind the flaming arrows.

Cleopatra and the rest leaving on reed boats towards Alexandria

Apollodurus, Aya, Bayek, and Cleopatra boarded the reed boats towards Alexandria. Phoxidas looked after them.

  • Phoxidas: Before battle, we will honor our goddess!

The crew of Phoxidas' ship cried out, and Apollodorus raised his spear in acknowledgement.
In time, Apollodurus, Aya, Bayek, and Cleopatra arrived at the shores of the Royal Palace in Alexandria.

Apollodorus, Aya, Bayek and Cleopatra arriving at the palace harbor

  • Aya: We cannot afford to spill any Roman blood.
  • Apollodorus: We cannot traipse into the palace armed to the teeth.
  • Aya: So we disarm, then.

Aya put down her weapons. Bayek gestured at Cleopatra.

  • Bayek: Armed or not, they will recognize her.

Cleopatra saw some rugs, and then addressed her companions.

  • Cleopatra: For once, perhaps a Queen's entrance is unnecessary.

Apollodorus posing as a Nomarch, carrying Cleopatra with the rugs, with Aya and Bayek posing as Phylakitai carrying gifts

Bayek and Apollodorus discarded their weapons. Apollodorus helped to hide Cleopatra in a rug and carried her. Aya and Bayek picked up a vase and a basket, and followed Apollodorus; together they climbed up the stairs towards the Palace, speaking in hushed tones.

  • Apollodorus: Act natural. We are meant to preside these grounds. Remember that.
  • Aya: Is our Queen alright?
  • Cleopatra: I'm fine.
  • Bayek: Who are we?
  • Apollodorus: Let me do the talking.

Apollodorus, Aya and Bayek arriving at a checkpoint

They arrived at the gate guarded by Roman soldiers.

  • Roman soldier 1: None pass here without escort or a royal seal.
  • Apollodorus: I am the Nomarch of Heliopolis, these are my Phylakitai. We bring gifts from our local merchants.
  • Roman soldier 1: Let them pass, with an escort.
  • Roman escort: Follow me. This way.

Apollodorus, Aya and Bayek followed the Roman soldier into the palace.

  • Roman escort: Our Imperator appreciates the hospitality.
  • Apollodorus: Have you received the warm welcome our Pharaohs always provide?
  • Roman escort: We will not celebrate until an alliance is sealed. Your vizier and your King have given us fine accommodations here in the palace. However, I cannot guarantee my Imperator will hold court with you.
  • Apollodorus: We understand, you are a good legionary. We will be patient.

Aya whispered to Bayek.

  • Aya: Do you think we could take them all?
  • Bayek: Of course. We have better gods than them.
  • Cleopatra: Are we there yet?

They arrived at another gate guarded by Roman soldiers.

  • Roman escort: Guest legionary, at ease.
  • Aya: We are with the Great Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII, his envoys from the east, with gifts for your Imperator.
  • Roman soldier 2: Carry on, then. An offering?

The Roman soldiers gave way and they continued their way with the escort.

Apollodorus, Aya and Bayek following the Roman legionary

  • Roman escort: Would you like me to help you carry your carpet?
  • Apollodorus: No, sorry, it is very sacred. Must be handled by the phylakitai. They understand the merchandise.

They arrived at another gate.

  • Roman Escort: Step aside, legionaries, official business for the Pharaoh.

The soldiers gave way and they continued their way inside.

  • Roman soldier 3: Who are you? You look like a hippodrome racer.
  • Bayek: I am. You should see me race.
  • Apollodorus: The Siwan Warrior.
  • Roman escort: Continue this way.

They arrived at the palace.

  • Roman escort: Guest legionary, at ease.

They entered the palace and overheard the conversation between Julius Caesar and Ptolemy.

  • Caesar: We will stay in the palace until all politics are concluded.
  • Ptolemy: My palace is at your disposition, Gaius.
  • Flavius: Pompey was bound to be killed sooner or later.

The head of Pompey was shown in a box on a table.

  • Ptolemy: Pompey was your enemy, Caesar.
  • Caesar: He was my friend first. But you are right, Ptolemy, now let us discuss our alliance—What is this?

Apollodorus, Aya and Bayek interrupting the meeting

Apollodorus, Aya, and Bayek interrupted the conversation.

  • Aya: Forgive, Lord Caesar. We bring a gift from our Pharaoh, Cleopatra.
  • Ptolemy: Pharaoh? This is no gift, these are my sister's friends, it is a trap.
  • Caesar: In place of an envoy, Cleopatra sends a rug?

Cleopatra showing herself to Caesar and her brother

Cleopatra emerged from the rug.

  • Cleopatra: I wonder how you all entered my palace?
  • Ptolemy: Guard! Kill these traitors!

Flavius stepped in front of the guard, hindering him. Cleopatra poured a cup of wine and put it on the table. She walked towards Ptolemy, who stepped to face her.

  • Cleopatra: My wretched brother, he's let the wine go to vinegar... and my kingdom, to pieces.
  • Caesar: Great lady. Your audacity is equaled only by your beauty. Flavius, please.

Flavius and the guard lowered their swords.

  • Cleopatra: I can offer you what my brother failed at with me. Marriage. A true marriage, that is.

Ptolemy threatening Caesar

Ptolemy stepped between them.

  • Ptolemy: If you ally with my sister, I will kill every last Roman in Alexandria.

Caesar ignored him, Cleopatra dismissed him.

  • Cleopatra: Enough of the big words, little brother.

Ptolemy left in a huff.

Caesar accepting Cleopatra's proposal for further discussion

  • Caesar: Out, all. You will each be sent for when our congress is concluded. I wish to hear both Ptolemies' side of the story.

Everyone left the Palace while Cleopatra and Caesar remained. Outside, Apollodorus, Aya, and Bayek discussed the Order of the Ancients.

  • Bayek: Pothinus and Septimius, gone. We missed them.
  • Apollodorus: You will have your vengeance soon. This is Cleopatra's time, to officially become Queen.
  • Aya: If she is crowned Queen, we will be able to act from within. Crush the network.
  • Apollodorus: Tomorrow, our Queen will have turned flattery into progress. We'll reconvene tomorrow at the Gardens. You proved your worth tenfold today. You truly are great Medjays.

Cleopatra asking Aya for help to get into Alexander's tomb

The next morning, Bayek was feeding Senu. Aya met with Cleopatra.

  • Cleopatra: Aya, dear one, thank you for coming. All is well with great Caesar.
  • Aya: Good, my queen. Soon, you will be on your throne.
  • Cleopatra: Yes, yes. I must ask you a favor, though. The tomb... I feel Lord Caesar should have the honor to bear witness to the author of our kingdom, Alexander the Great.
  • Aya: You want to impress your new lover, I see. The tomb is sealed, no?
  • Cleopatra: It is, but by an act of Gaia, not by a royal decree. An earthquake in the early days of my father's reign has blocked the door. Do you know our metropolis well enough to suggest an alternate means of entry?
  • Aya: The underground.
  • Cleopatra: You would enter from below?
  • Aya: Well, I would find a way into the cisterns and canals below, work backwards and find a way to clear a passage into the tomb.
  • Cleopatra: That would solve our problem, but it seems idealistic.
  • Aya: Fortune favors those who ignore her. I'll examine the area around the tomb and figure this out.
  • Cleopatra: Excellent. Rejoice.

Aya travelled to the gates of the tomb. Inside, Cleopatra spoke with Caesar.

  • Caesar: Did I tell you of the poet Catullus?
  • Cleopatra: I don't believe so.
  • Caesar: Another cur who made brief mention of me in his verse. "I do not study overmuch to please and court you, Caesar, nor do I care much to know if you be black or you be white!"

Cleopatra laughed.

Caesar laughed.

  • Caesar: Yes, as pretty as their words can be, they are roaches by the best measure. Annoying, but easily handled.
  • Cleopatra: And how did you handle this one?
  • Caesar: I invited him to my house for dinner and drinks.
  • Cleopatra: Know thy enemies as thy kin.
  • Caesar: And get them excessively drunk, when it needs be.

Aya at the tomb entrance

Aya spoke to a soldier at the tomb's entrance.

  • Roman soldier 4: It is a dead end, my lady.
  • Aya: I will double check. Ensure it is.
  • Roman soldier 4: Really? You insult our efforts. We tried everything.
  • Aya: I doubt it.

Aya investigated the broken spears on the ground.

  • Aya: Broken spears. These Romans really did try everything.

Aya investigated the door to the tomb.

  • Aya: They got it right, this way is completely blocked. That earthquake must have altered the structure. Hmm.

Aya looked at the walls in the surrounding.

  • Aya: Strange. This wall is not as solid as it looks. Must be a way beneath. Around.

Aya destroyed the wall and discovered a hidden catacomb. She entered the hole with Bayek right behind.

  • Bayek: This is a tighter squeeze than the caves west of Siwa.
  • Aya: We were smaller in those days.

Aya and Bayek exploring the hidden catacomb

Aya and Bayek traveled through the catacombs.

  • Bayek: Where to now, my love?

Aya destroyed several vases and discovered a small tunnel. She and Bayek traveled through it.

  • Aya: It must be through the sewers. No one had the courage to plunge into Hades' rivers.
  • Bayek: We are the ones. After you, Aya.

Aya and Bayek dived into the water in the sewers. They traveled through the waters and discovered an alternate entrance to the tomb.

  • Bayek: The tomb.
  • Aya: Incredible. I hope you will provide me with a similar sarcophagus.
  • Bayek: Whatever you want, my love.
  • Aya: It is said that his sarcophagus is full of honey. Helps preserve the ka.

Bayek laughed.

  • Bayek: (laughs) Unbelievable.
  • Aya: Promise me you will bury me with my blade, so I can protect myself in the Field of Reeds.
  • Bayek: Promise.

Aya and Bayek investigating Alexander's sarcophagus

Aya and Bayek investigated the tomb.

  • Bayek: These markings along the bottom. They speak of Siwa... The vault... And a scepter that Alexander holds. Amun stands in a field of trees. Where a marked sphere meets its scepter. Man to King, King to God.
  • Aya: A marked sphere?
  • Bayek: What did you do with the orb I gave you?
  • Aya: I gave it to Apollodorus, he loves those things—

Someone banged on the door.

  • Aya: We should let the others in.
  • Bayek: I am going to keep looking around, these paintings on the wall...

Aya examined a painting on the northern wall depicting an infant Alexander being washed.

  • Aya: His birth. He was Macedonian. A Greek that became Egyptian, like me.

Aya laughed.

  • Bayek: He began the rule of our latest pharaohs. The dynasty of Ptolemies that have ruined Egypt.

Aya examined a painting on the northern wall depicting an adolescent Alexander with Aristotle.

  • Aya: He brought us Alexandria and brought us the Great Library where Aristotle mentored him.
  • Bayek: He abandoned education for bloodshed.
  • Aya: Hm. Not unlike us.

Aya examined a painting on the southern wall depicting Alexander standing triumphantly with soldiers.

  • Aya: He was hailed as a savior when he first arrived in Memphis.
  • Bayek: He was a conqueror.

Aya examined a painting a painting on the southern wall of Ptolemy Lagos kneeling before Alexander.

  • Aya: Here is when he crowned Ptolemy Lagos as his successor.
  • Bayek: So the rule of the Ptolemies began. And the Medjays ended. Medjays disappeared because of him.
  • Aya: You cannot blame one man for everything. All men are to blame. And women.

Apollodorus, Cleopatra and Caesar granted entrance into the tomb

Aya opened the door, letting Cleopatra and Caesar in.

  • Caesar: Rex immortalis (Immortal king).

Caesar and Cleopatra approached the tomb.

  • Apollodorus: The staff he is holding. The markings.
  • Caesar: Ever since I was a boy, I've idolized this man.
  • Cleopatra: He is similar to you.
  • Caesar: I wept at the base of his statue in Rome. At thirty, he was a god with an empire stretching across the known world. What have I done with my five long decades here on earth? Ita me di iuvent (So help me, gods)!

Cleopatra holding hands with Caesar

  • Cleopatra: Together, we can do more than Alexander did.
  • Caesar: Yes.

Bayek turned to Aya.

  • Bayek: How long before the Queen stops impressing Caesar and starts impressing us?
  • Aya: Our needs are hers as well. She will deliver.

Flavius entered and addressed Caesar.

  • Flavius: My Caesar. Our emissaries have been captured at the Southern Garrison of Alexandria. Soldiers have reported a hostile environment.
  • Caesar: Captured? Is this Ptolemy's diplomacy?
  • Cleopatra: I will send my guard. Greek soldiers will pass more freely in the city than Romans.
  • Aya: Let us settle this matter, my Queen.

Aya bowed and left with Bayek to deal with the matter.

  • Caesar: Flavius, come. Look, we have found the great King.

Before leaving, Aya and Bayek spoke of their plan.

  • Bayek: Taking on the entire garrison will not be easy.
  • Aya: I may not have to take an entire garrison. A calculated kill and a shadowy presence will fare better.
  • Bayek: If you take on the armies of Ptolemy, I'd like to be at your side. I will distract the garrison with a brawl.
  • Aya: A fine idea. I will procure the emissaries.

Within the tomb, Caesar and Flavius marveled at Alexander's sarcophagus.

  • Flavius: This is a truly wondrous sarcophagus. A tomb fit for a god.
  • Caesar: There must be more to this tomb than we see. We should set our soldiers to excavate it all.
  • Flavius: Yes my Imperator. What hidden powers lay amidst this tomb, we must possess.
  • Caesar: Yes, yes Flavius.
  • Flavius: I do feel privileged to be near this great man. It resonates, his aura is all-consuming.
  • Caesar: He is immortal. That is why.
  • Flavius: What he possesses is immortal as well.
  • Caesar: We should bring this sarcophagus to Rome!
  • Flavius: For now, I need to introduce you to some friends of mine. We have a lot to discuss.

Apart, Cleopatra spoke with Apollodorus.

  • Cleopatra: What do you think of this, Apollodorus?
  • Apollodorus: The scepter has value beyond words. I am sure of it.
  • Cleopatra: The gold in the sarcophagus would normally be enough to fund a war. These are offerings we can make to court Rome even more.
  • Apollodorus: Tampering with the sarcophagus of a god-king is not the most fortuitous of acts.
  • Cleopatra: We are gods. It is our right to take what is ours. And it all is.
  • Apollodorus: As you say, my Queen.
  • Cleopatra: You should discuss with Caesar and Flavius. They will be wooed by riches and the glory of our great Alexandria. Bring them into the fold completely.

Flavius adressed Aya.

  • Flavius: The emissaries were meant to bring us an alliance with Ptolemy.
  • Aya: I will find them. In time.

Aya finding the wounded emissary

Aya and Bayek left the tomb. Aya ventured to the Southern Garrison to rescue the emissaries. She later found an injured emissary.

  • Emissary: Somebody just kill me, finish the damn job...

The emissary spoke to Aya after he noticed her.

  • Emissary: We need to alert Caesar.
  • Aya: What happened to you?
  • Emissary: ...Septimius. They are preparing a siege of the harbor, they want to take the palace.

Septimius torturing the emissary

Aya saw Septimius torturing the emissary in a vision.

  • Emissary: I will not betray Caesar!
  • Septimius: How many more heads must I chop off before Caesar understands?

Pothinus stepped in and interrupted Septimius' torture.

  • Pothinus: This is futile. A change of plans. The Lion says we must march on the Pharos, and trap the Queen.

The emissary grew weak in Aya's arms.

  • Emissary: Then they said... they left for...
  • Aya: Where? Where?!

The emissary passed out from his wounds.

  • Aya: This guy may have more valuable information. I need to bring him back to Caesar.

Aya returning with the emissary

Aya carried the unconscious emissary back to Caesar.

  • Aya: You have loyal men, Caesar. Septimius plans on trapping you in the palace. You have no time.
  • Caesar: As I foresaw, war. Flavius, they want fire, let us burn the whole damn harbor. And if we change the Pharos' light, the rest of the fleet will know what to do. We will join them by chariot.
  • Flavius: Salve (Hail), Lord Caesar. I will make the order.

Apollodorus approached Cleopatra at her throne.

  • Apollodoros: My Queen. You should accompany me into battle.

Cleopatra resolving to remain rather than escape, with Apollodorus choosing to stay by her side

  • Cleopatra: As these soldiers rip each other apart, I shall stay on my throne. I am Queen until a sword plunges through my heart. And even then, my blood will stay on my throne.
  • Apollodorus: Good then, I stay. My life is yours to do with as you will.

Caesar discussed his plan with Bayek and Aya.

  • Caesar: Now, the most crucial part of the plan.

Caesar giving Bayek the satchet of powder

He gave Bayek a bag of green gunpowder, refusing to give it to Aya.

  • Caesar: Put this into the brazier of the Pharos. She will accompany me through the city. Now, let havoc reign.

Cleopatra addressed Aya before she could leave.

  • Cleopatra: Aya, if you find my brother. (Make it so.)

Cleopatra made a motion signifying death. Later, outside the palace, Aya and Bayek prepared to execute the plan.

  • Aya: I smell war!! We will put our Queen on the throne!
  • Bayek: (laughs) You are the only queen worthy of a throne!
  • Aya: Give me the powder. Caesar thinks a woman cannot do this job.

Bayek threw the green gunpowder to Aya.

  • Bayek: Prove Caesar wrong, my love.

Aya navigating towards the lighthouse through the ship masts

Bayek ran off to replace Aya at Caesar's side. Aya looked upon the burning ships in the harbor and jumped from mast to mast. On the third one, she lost her balance and fell into the water, swimming to shore and climbing to the top of the lighthouse. She made it into the lighthouse only to be met with Ptolemaic resistance.

  • Greek soldier 1: Someone crush that tiny lotus.
  • Greek soldier 2: How did she get this far? Halt little woman!
  • Greek soldier 1: Just kill her so we can deal with the real problems: these Roman malakas (assholes)!
  • Aya: My blade is offended.

Aya continued to climb to the top. As she got to the next window, she was pulled in by the guardian of the tower.

  • Guardian: I thought I heard a scarab crawling up my tower.

Aya dodging the Guardian's attack

Aya dodged as the Guardian flung his weapon and destroyed a pillar in the process. in battle.

  • Guardian: You remind me of the Alexandrian whores I am gifted by the Order of the Ancients. Perhaps I will keep you around.
  • Aya: Now you've offended even my vulgar heart.
  • Guardian: This tower is Ptolemy's! Be gone!
  • Aya: This Pharos will only burn for Cleopatra.

Aya successfully defeated the Guardian and then made her way to the top to light the brazier. She was stopped by another soldier.

  • Greek soldier 3: How in Zeus' name did you kill my captain?!

The soldier then attacked Aya and they fought.


Aya and Bayek escorted Apollodorus and Cleopatra to meet Julius Ceasar, and then participated in the battle of Alexandria.

Behind the scenes

When Julius Caesar quotes Catullus' dislike for him to Cleopatra, he recites an excerpt from the author's 93rd poem titled plainly, "On Julius Caesar"[2] Ironically, Caesar almost quotes his detractor again when bemoaning his perceived lack of accomplishments compared to Alexander, as the meaning of "Ita me di iuvent" closely echoes what Catullus wrote in his 61st poem "Epithalamium on Vinia and Manlius", saying "ita me iuvent Caelites", or "So may Godhead deign Help me!"[3]


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Main Quests
The Heron Assassination - Homecoming - The Oasis - The False Oracle - May Amun Walk Beside You - Aya - Gennadios the Phylakitai - End of the Snake - Egypt's Medjay - The Scarab's Sting - The Scarab's Lies - Pompeius Magnus - The Hyena - The Lizard's Mask - The Lizard's Face - The Crocodile's Scales - The Crocodile's Jaws - Way of the Gabiniani - Aya: Blade of the Goddess - The Battle of the Nile - The Aftermath - The Final Weighing - Last of the Medjay - Fall of an Empire, Rise of Another - Birth of the Creed
Side Quests
A Gift from the Gods - Incoming Threat - Here Comes a New Challenger - Phylakes' Prey - Lights Among the Dunes - Secrets of the First Pyramids
Gear Up - Family Reunion - Water Rats - Hideaway - Striking the Anvil - The Healer - Prisoners in the Temple - Bayek's Promise
Lake Mareotis
Hidden Tax - The Book of the Dead - Ambush in the Temple - Ulterior Votive - Lady of Slaughter - Birthright - Taste of her Sting
The Accidental Philosopher - The Last Bodyguard - Higher Education - Serapis Unites - A Tithe By Any Other Name - The Shifty Scribe - The Odyssey - Wrath of the Poets - Symposiasts - Phylakitai in the Eye - Cat's Cradle
Old Times - Wild Ride - Blue Hooligans - The Weasel - The Hungry River
Sap-Meh Nome
In Protest - Thick Skin - Fair Trade
Sapi-Res Nome
Conflicts of Interest - Smoke Over Water - All Eyes on Us - Lost Happiness - Abuse of Power - The Tax Master - The Ostrich - New Kid in Town - Worker's Lament - The Old Library
The Planetarium - Precious Bonds - What's Yours Is Mine - A Gift from the Gods
A Dream of Ashes - Blood in the Water - Odor Most Foul - Children of the Streets - Taimhotep's Song - The Baker's Dilemma - Mortem Romanum
Saqqara Nome
Rites of Anubis - First Blood - When Night Falls - A Rebel Alliance
Murder in the Temple - Feeding Faiyum - Curse of Wadjet - Rebel Strike - The Bride - Sobek's Gold - Forging Siwa - The Sickness - Fires of Dionysias - Demons in the Desert
Faiyum Oasis
The Champion - The Man Beast - Sobek's Tears - The Jaws of Sobek - Bad Faith - Shadya's Rest - Fighting for Faiyum
Herakleion Nome
Recon Work - Loose Cargo - Reunion - Predator to Prey
Uab Nome
Seven Farmers
Atef-Pehu Nome
The Matriarch
Green Mountains
Unseeing Eyes - One Bad Apple - The Good Roman - Playing with Fire - Taking Liberty - Halo of the Huntress - Carpe Diem - Shadows of Apollo
His Secret Service
The Flea of Cyrene - The Lure of Glory - The Mousetrap - Founding Father - Pax Romana - Cat and Mouse - Absolute Power - Are You Not Entertained? - The Smugglers of Cyrene - Dead in the Water - My Brother for a Horse - Here Comes a New Challenger
Isolated Desert
Plight of the Rebels
Event Quests
Antique Trafficking - Control Nuisance - Lost and Found - Missing Worker - Stolen Goods
Ambush At Sea - Secrets of the First Pyramids
The Hidden Ones
Main Quests
The Hidden Ones - The Land of Turquoise - Where the Slaves Die - The Walls of the Ruler - The Setting Sun - No Chains Too Thick - Sic Semper Tyrannis - The Greater Good
Side Quests
Klysma Nome
Rise of Shaqilat - Howls of the Dead - The Ballad of Si-Mut and Gertha - The Killer Shadow - Shadows of the Scarab
Madiama Nome
Respect Thy Brother
Arsinoe Nome
Shards from a Star
The Curse of the Pharaohs
Main Quests
The Curse of the Pharaohs - No Honor Amongst Thebes - The Lady of Grace - Cleansing Rite - Something Rotten - Soured Libations - Aten Rising - The Heretic - Blood in the Water - The King of Kings - A Pharaoh's Shadow - A Pharaoh's Heart and Name - A Pharaoh's Hemset - A Pharaoh's Ka
Side Quests
The Theban Triad - Master of the Secret Things - Perchance to Dream
Theban Necropolis
Burnt Offerings - A Sister's Vow - Idol Hands - Drowned Tools - A Motherless Child - Unfair Trade
Thebes Nome
Crocodile Tears - National Treasures
Yebu Nome
Losers Weepers - Fish Out Of Water - Laid to Rest
Love or Duty
Gods or Creed - The Cat - The Ibis - The Hawk
Heb Sed
Follower or Leader
Shield or Blade - A Necessary Evil - Khepri's Amulet - The God's Spark
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