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Avamposto veneziano

The Avamposto Veneziano

The Avamposto Veneziano (English: Venetian Outpost) was a port located near the city of Forlì, in Romagna. The complex was comprised of a lighthouse, a dock, and a large square building. The outpost was used by ships to ferry passengers between Venice and Romagna, including Ezio Auditore da Firenze and Leonardo da Vinci.

Venetian naval strategy involved maintaining a stead chain of bases along their trade routes to the East, ensuring that its merchants were able to get there and back without being attacked by pirates or Venice's enemies, the Turks.[1]


By the end of the 15th century, Venice's fleet was occupied trying to force Charles VIII of France out of Italy, at which point, Turkish forces struck without warning. Venice was soundly defeated, losing its Greek outposts. Following that, the Turks managed to invade Venetian territory in northern Italy. Although Venice was able to keep most of its territory from that point forward, it would never again be a great naval power.[1]

During Ezio's time fulfilling contracts on the behalf of Lorenzo de' Medici, the Avamposto was a strategic foothold for the forces of Rodrigo Borgia. One Borgia-influenced militia controlled the lighthouse for a time, and, on a later occasion, the courtyard of the square building was patrolled by Borgia guards after they had captured one of Lorenzo's spies. On both occasions, Ezio intervened and eliminated the threats.[2]


  • A glyph is located on the lighthouse.