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Autochthonos was an Isu and one of the sons of Poseidon, the ruler of Atlantis.


During the Isu Era, Autochthonos served as one of Archons of Atlantis, handling the city's agriculture. He worked together with the botanist Neokles to create fertile lands for crops to feed the citizens of Atlantis and other cities.[1]

Autochthonos was also responsible with supplying food to the Olympos Project, a scientific exercise conducted by Aita and Juno to develop a number of hybrid beasts. However, he was unaware of the project's true purpose and the reason for the huge demand of food supply.[2]


Autochthonos' notes and documents were made available for the misthios Kassandra to collect during her time in Aletheia's simulation of the city.[3]


  • Autochthonos is mentioned by Plato in Critias as one of the ten kings of Atlantis and the twin brother of Mneseas.



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