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"Auguste explains that he distributes Borgia propaganda in Roma. I am amazed. How do such large hands produce such fine detail?"
―Fiora Cavazza viewing Auguste's work.[src]

Auguste Oberlin (1468 – 1503) was the personal blacksmith of Cesare Borgia as well as a member of the Templar Order. He crafted weapons for most of Cesare's agents and was also responsible for the creation and distribution of Borgia propaganda throughout Rome.

In 2012, his genetic memories were used as an Animi Avatar by the Templar company Abstergo Industries, in the first stage of training for their Animus recruits, under the title of the Blacksmith.


Working for the Borgia[]

Auguste was born in Switzerland, and grew up to become a mercenary. Upon moving to Rome, he initially worked with the people, making signs for the shops of the merchants. However, he was soon approached by the Borgia, and entered into their service instead.[1]

Auguste was both a skillful craftsman and artist, forging weapons and drawing propaganda posters for the Templars. Despite his brutish appearance, he was an intelligent and cultured man, and was very dedicated to his work. Because of this, he rarely left his workshop, and often went through several revisions of his art before finalizing them.[1]

Other than providing him with standard weaponry, Auguste also took on Cesare's "bizarre requests," which were envisioned by several of the Borgia's engineers and inventors. These supplies were often relayed to Cesare through his ambassador of sorts, Fiora Cavazza, much to the displeasure of Auguste's wife.[1]

As a result, Auguste's relations with his wife stagnated. Once, upon inviting Fiora to visit him again, Auguste and his wife engaged in a heated argument. Fiora left them, observing the two "growl at each other like wild dogs."[1]


In 1503, one of their arguments escalated beyond shouted words, and Auguste beat his wife, before locking himself in his workshop. The woman was left crying on a bench outside their home in the Campagna District.[2]

There, she was discovered by the Assassin Ezio Auditore, who offered to help her. She told him what her "beloved" husband had done, and suggested tearing down his propaganda posters to lure him out, since, as she insisted, his pride would not allow it.[2]

Ezio did so, and was soon confronted by the enraged blacksmith and several Borgia guards. The Assassin swiftly dispatched the guards, and ended Auguste's life with his Hidden Blade.[2]