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"What we cannot win openly, we'll seize secretly."
―Augos' personal motto[src]-[m]

Augos (died c. 422 BCE), also known as the All-Seeing, was a member of the Order of the Storm operating in Achaia, Greece during the Peloponnesian War.


Like other members of the branch stationed in Achaia, Augos was instructed by the magi Phila to keep a lookout for Darius and his son Natakas, who were wanted by the Order of the Ancients leader Amorges.[1]

Around 422 BCE, Augos wrote a letter to her fellow member Nestor, who served as the captain of the Formidable and patrolled the Aegean Sea north of Achaia. In the letter, Augos instructed Nestor to look for her at the Shipwreck Cove after he was done 'having fun'.[1]

Unbeknowst to her, Nestor was killed by the ally of Darius, the misthios Kassandra. The misthios recovered Augos' letter to Nestor, exposing her whereabouts and allowing her to travel to the cove and eliminate Augos.[1]



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