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Attaway Transport was an omnibus company that operated in 19th century London, founded by the Templar Pearl Attaway.


As a fierce competitor of Crawford Starrick's own business, the Grand Master made sure that the Attaway Transport was blocked from opportunities by its rival, the Millner Company, owned by Starrick's puppet Malcolm Millner. Millner often sabotaged and destroyed Attaway's omnibuses.[1]

Sometime in 1868, the British Assassin Jacob Frye, ignorant of her Templar allegiance, offered Attaway a deal to eliminate the Millner Company. This brought good business and opportunities to Attaway Transport.[2]

Jacob later learned that Attaway was a Templar and an ally to Starrick, assassinating her and ending the Attaway Transport.[2]


  • Despite the apparent downfall of the company in 1868, carriages sporting its logo can still be seen in the traffic in 1888.[3]



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