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The Attacks on Tulum were a series of attacks on the Assassin headquarters in Tulum, orchestrated by the Templars, and executed by slavers, the British Army, and the Spanish Army. The Assassins withstood all of the attacks, but were eventually forced to relocate to the Great Inagua, which was owned by the pirate Edward Kenway.


The Caribbean Assassins possessed more resources than their Templar counterparts, and were led by two famed Mentors, Bahlam and his son, Ah Tabai. In 1715, Ah Tabai tasked Duncan Walpole, a visiting British Assassin, to investigate rumors regarding a Sage. However, unknown to the Assassins, Walpole secretly corresponded with the Templar Grand Master and governor of Cuba, Laureano de Torres y Ayala, and was set on joining the Templar Order. To prove his loyalty, Walpole transported a blood vial and maps which would disclose the locations of Assassin bureaus located across the West Indies.

While on the way to Havana to meet with Torres, Walpole's ship, the HMS Intrigue was attacked by a pirate vessel, the Jacobite, captained by Abel Bramah. After a long battle, Walpole's ship was eventually sunk by the pirates, but the Assassin managed to reach the Jacobite and assassinate Bramah. A gunpowder explosion caused the pirate vessel to sink as well, killing all on board except Walpole and Edward Kenway.

The pair managed to reach Cape Bonavista, where Walpole was killed in a swordfight with Kenway. While searching through Walpole's belongings, Edward found a letter from Torres, detailing Walpole's future with the Templars. Impressed by the possibility of reward for delivering the items Walpole carried, Edward assumed his identity and travelled to Havana aboard Stede Bonnet's ship, the Revenge. Once he had arrived and gained an audience with the governor, Edward delivered the maps, which eventually led the Templars to Tulum.

Later Edward, taking the guise of Walpole was inducted into the Templar Order along with Julien du Casse and Woodes Rogers by Grand Master Torres. Later, Ah Tabai, who found an oppurtunity to strike a blow to the Templars, sent a team of Assassins in Havana to rescue Bartholomew Roberts, a Sage who was believed the only one who could unlock the Observatory. But the supposed rescue mission of the Assassins ended in failure, many of its members were killed by Kenway, du Casse, El TIburon, Rogers and parts of the Spanish Army stationed in Havana. Roberts almost escaped as a result, which Kenway managed to recapture him for the Templars and received Walpole's payment from Torres.

Months later, Royal Navy troops under Laurens Prins, attacked Tulum and took many Assassins and crew members of the Jackdaw, formerly known as El Dorado of the Spanish Treasure Fleet, hostage, but his forces were defeated by the Assassins who were aided by Kenway and the Assassin and Pirate Mary Read, who was posing as James Kidd. Later Kenway and Mary located Prins, which the former managed to assassinate, thus the Royal Navy no longer posed a threat to Tulum but the Spanish Navy continued to raid the city, in hopes in exterminating the Assassins. At 1721, the Spanish Navy launched a full-scale attack on Tulum, killing many Assassins but in the end when Kenway, now openly aiding the latter, killed their captain, the Spanish withdrew. And after Kenway killed Grand Master Torres, the former gave Great Inagua to the Assassins as their new headquarters and they abandoned Tulum, though some Assassins still used it as a base but Spanish attacks were finally stopped at this time.